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What Are You Listening To III

Da Brakes

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"Breakdown" by Handsome Boy Modeling School & Jack Johnson (quality stuff)

dude thats a great track..i just saw handsome boy live(they were woeful) check out track 7 from that album "its like that" ftg casual from hieroglyphics.. the "its like that" is actually a sample from opio i was tellin u abt b4

Woah, so it is! :scared2: At first I thought it was Chingy (j/p lol).

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Amerie - 1 Thing

Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake & Charlie Wilson - Signs

2 great songs

i can't stop listening to that amerie song ever since the hitch premiere although those dancers may have had something to do with it

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I gotta gang of old CD singles and promos in the mail 2 day...here's a list of some of them...

BONE "Days of Our Livez"


GINUWINE "Tell Me Do U Wanna" and "I'll Do Anything"

KENNY LATTIMORE "Just What It Takes (Human Rhythm Remix)"

702 "Get It Together" and "No Doubt"


PAULA ABDUL "Crazy Cool"

THE FUGEES "No Woman No Cry"

WYCLEF "Guantanamera (Roxanne/Roxanne Remix)"

THE JERKY BOYS "Jerk Baby Jerk"

KRIS KROSS "I Missed The Bus"


MC HAMMER "Straight To My Feet"

HEAVY D "I'll Do Anything (Can't Do Remix)

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LL Cool J "I Can't Think", I could basically listen to this song forever and still like it :dj:

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LL's "Hush" still gettin' airplay in UK? Damn they show more love to hip-hop legends over there than they do here.

btw, I'm listening to Westside Connection "It's Da Holidaze"(actually I'm watchin' the video on the "Friday After Next" DVD I'm watchin')

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Salt-N-Pepa Feat. En Vogue "Whatta Man", I wish they'd all come back again, those ladies are talented

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