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What Are You Listening To III

Da Brakes

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"Breakdown" by Handsome Boy Modeling School & Jack Johnson (quality stuff)

dude thats a great track..i just saw handsome boy live(they were woeful) check out track 7 from that album "its like that" ftg casual from hieroglyphics.. the "its like that" is actually a sample from opio i was tellin u abt b4

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Houston - I like That

Hey Brakes, did U know Houston godged (spelling?) his eye out? The media had been passing it off as an "attempted suicide".

Yeah I know!! He was scheduled to come and perform at my University but had to cancel because of all that drama! My friend has some inside information about what went down and it wasn't pretty. I hope he gets better real soon.

Eminem - My Fault

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Oh yeah I remember now, it's "If My Homie Calls", I now remember seeing that video on MTV a couple times before.

btw, I'm listening to LL Cool J "Take It Off", "The G.O.A.T." was one of the best albums in hip-hop during 2000.

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