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Willow Smith : Whip My Hair


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Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Artwork!

Check out the artwork for Willow Smith’s infection first single “Whip My Hair”!

The 9-year-old fashionista daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith will premiere the video for the song on Monday night (October 18). Stay tuned for more!

“Sometimes when I think about my life I am so thankful for how blessed I am,” Willow tweeted yesterday. “Let’s all keep praying for their families!);”



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Damn it! Sony have taken it down! Where else can I see it?

Video can be seen here!


If that doesn't work for you, try this one:


Seems Jaden wanted to appear in the video too!!

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Is that Jaden dancing at around 3:33 ?

Good luck lil Willow, I hope you do well with your music career.

Yeah, Jaden appears a few times in the video.

Willow Smith on 106 & Park

Willow Smith Burst Into Tears After "Whip My Hair" Debut

Willow Smith is amazing and after an amazing debut video she has put herself into the ranks of Beyonce and Rihanna. We think it's safe to say that Willow Smith is a force that is here to stay and after her emotional debut on 106th and Park she officially has our hearts.

After Rocsi and Terrance J gave Willow her first plaque for debuting her video the 9 year old pop star burst into tears. She was so happy and so excited showing the world that she is a humble, young 9 year old going on ten. Willow's birthday is on Halloween and she said she'll be going around as her self.




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Willow Smith Says 'Whip My Hair' Video Is About 'Being Yourself'

The 9-year-old Roc Nation star talks to MTV News about filming the clip, her 'Warriorettes' and sticking to your grind.


Willow Smith had a little help from her friends on the set of the video for "Whip My Hair." In the clip, which premiered Monday, Roc Nation's latest signee, joined by her crew of pint-size girls, turns a drab classroom into a kaleidoscope of color with a few energetic flicks of her paint-dipped braids.

"Having my Warriorettes there, my best friends caring — Jade, Angel Punky, they're just all my best friends — and my family there just made it even better," Willow told MTV News about the shoot when she stopped by Tuesday (October 19).

"Me and my friends were touching the oranges, 'cause they were, like, real oranges but they were spray-painted," she said. "It was gooey," she added, turning up her nose at the recollection.

The 9-year-old progeny of A-list actors Will and Jada Pinkett Smith explained that her BFFs are her Warriorettes, a supportive team that fully subscribes to the ethos espoused by her smash single "Whip My Hair." The outgoing tween, who describes her style as "schoolgirl-meets-punk rock," also opened up about the significance of the track.

" 'Whip My Hair' means don't be afraid to be yourself," Smith explained, "and don't let anybody tell you that that's wrong. Because the best thing is you."

A sampling of the lyrics bear that out: "We turn our back and whip our hair/ And just shake 'em off, shake 'em off, shake 'em off/ Don't let haters keep me off my grind/ Keep my head up/ I know I'll be fine." And a "Sesame Street"-inspired "Whip My Hair" remix taps into her chick-power message.

As for filming last month in Los Angeles, Willow, a girl firmly on her grind, said she "liked it" but admitted it could be intense at times.

"It was a long day. ... It was hard sometimes, but, like, if you have a commitment to that, you have to stick with it," Willow said.

Clad in circus pants, a military blazer and a Lady Gaga brooch, the upstart artist turned serious for a moment. "And it's not because I have to, it's because I want it," she said of her percolating music career. "Most people, if they don't want it, they'll just be like, 'Oh well, I can do that tomorrow' — is that what's called procrastinating?" she added with a grin.

Watch Video!


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