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Willow Smith : Whip My Hair


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I watched the most of the AMA's last night and Willow presented alone. I saw Jada on screen for a second. I think it was during the Bon Jovi performance. I didn't see FP. It would have been nice to have seen him in a music environment. They did show a clip of him during a sequence of past winners. His clip was from the Big Willie Style era I think.

I had no idea Selena was in with the Smith camp. I've always liked her. I think her acting is really good and pretty funny. I've heard a few of her songs and I don't know how good a singer she really is but some of her songs were really catchy...some were filler tho.'

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I'm not sure if this interview has been posted before or not, so here you go!

Willow Smith talks music, hair, style, Jay Z, Tupac and bullies with Nnete

PS: Oops, I just noticed that I shouldn't have posted that Selena interview in this thread. My bad! Edited by Ale
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Willow's first controversy:

At the American Music Awards, Willow, Will Smith’s daughter wore a leather armour sleeve. But to our absolute horror, this was not made by the creator of the design. Normally this kind of shameful copycat would disappoint us. But when it is the simply extraordinary works of Mother Of London it makes us livid. There are hardly any pioneers left in this generation, the path of creative progression is dying. So to see an AMBASSADOR, a TRAILBLAZER, someone who is simply GROUNDBREAKING in their field be completely and entirely ripped off. Well, that doesn’t set well with us, at all.

We contacted the designer of the original piece at Mother Of London, who was understandably very upset stating: “this has been very disappointing and a massive blow for my company”

Unconfirmed reports are showing that it is Willow’s stylist, Mariel Haenn, who is the culprit of copying and entirely ripping off the design. We actually have no idea how she though it was possible to get away with this, since that it is such an exact copy and Mother Of London having such a dedicated, loyal following to their outstanding pieces.

Now, quite simply we are not only expecting, but demanding an apology for Mother Of London from Mariel Haenn, if we are completely honest we think that compensation is in order. When a true artist and pioneer in the industry who has been creating stunning leather work for the best part of a decade is not given credit for their labour let alone ripped off entirely, well quite frankly it is DISGUSTING.

The Kicker for all of this, is that MOTHER OF LONDON first designed this in 2006 over 4 years ago, the photo used above was taken in 2008, two years ago. Yet some celebrity stylist has tried to rip it off 4 years after conception.

If this whole situation makes you feel as sick as us, then please email us at gossip@stylenoir.co.uk, Tweet us at @stylenoirmag and hashtag #WillowsStylistRipsOffMOL #MotherOfLondon or Comment in the box below. We will feature the best comments/emails and tweets on this post, and update as soon as we know more.

04:04 bst NOTE: Mariel Haenn tweets ” just an fyi, we only dressed Rihanna last nite. I don’t like when people try to credit me for work that’s not mine #justsayin “. Other Reports still suggest Mariel Haenn is to blame.

12:24 BST NOTE: Haute Macabre have unraveled more information “The noted celebrity stylist has denied her involvement in a series of emails with Nadya Lev of Coilhouse Magazine. However, considering that these denials came after the knock-off story erupted all over the internet, and not when Haenn was being praised for “her” work by tabloids earlier today, we all find it rather dubious”


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Ahhh...she says FP won't be on the album...but she wants to work with him...lol. Maybe that's her trying to stand on her own...maybe that's the evil work of Jay-Z. I must say, Willow really has her stuff together. They asked a few ?uestions that weren't routine and she answered them with out "thinking" about the answer. I hope she brings some positivity and intelligence to popular music. The adults don't wanna do it, so let's put that pressure on a younger artist...!.

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Guest slatkica

Turntable,no you not the only one:-).I find this whole Willow thing very,very odd!Like I said,ok she wanna be in showbizz,she is talented,but WHY are they rush everything so much?She just turned 10,and she is litterally everywhere.What will be for 5,10,15 years?They probably know what they are doing buth I don't like it at all!Somehow,this make me to like Will a little less than I use to!

P.S.Sorry for my English:-)!

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