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Willow Smith : Whip My Hair


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Well at first i thought the chorus was really irritating and the verses were ok, but after hearing it a million times on the radio and hearing her sing it live, it grew on me. Im actually thinking about maybe buying the album, im 26, its so wrong to buy an album made by a 10 year old.

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I think the album maybe delayed. Depends if she can bounce back with a big 3rd single. Probably needs a pretty big star guesting on a track to get the Willow Smith ball rolling again. She's not a write off as a one hit wonder just yet but we'll see.

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Album isn't delayed.It should be done by march but she perform and travel a lot,so it not finish yet.I think it should came by summer.They can pay (and they are paying)many big names to work on her album,so she sure will have more good songs,but I'm not sure what will be with her career when she get older because they (Will and Jada)just trying to hard to make their kids big stars as soon as possible,they are literally everywhere.

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I never understood why artists released singles before their albums are finished. It doesn't make sense... If they do blow up they can't react as quick to the market due to the album not being ready...

I know when I finish an album I sit on it for a while to make sure I am completely happy with it and it flows well

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