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  1. Tiffany is freaking hilarious, glad she's finally getting more shine "you're from Baltimore bitch" lmao I can't wait for Girls Trip
  2. Been waiting 20 yrs. for them to team up onscreen again, I can't wait for this
  3. yes, it really is, i'm watching right now.
  4. Woooaahhhh Loretta....... shes a a rubbish stalker, we all know Will is in Toronto. Seriously though, that sucks that she managed to get in, you'd think they would have the best security. ​I wouldn't be surprised if somebody lost their job over that incident, that's beyond creepy.
  5. ugh, of all the families in California Jaden. smdh
  6. Pushing back the date just added fuel to my disinterest in this film but maybe a good trailer (eventually) will change my mind.
  7. So glad she's coming back to tv, I've been wanting her to play a villain in something for a long time. It's good she's coming out of her comfort zone, I think she'll kill it as a badass.
  8. I'm not a fan of metal in any form really but I kinda liked that
  9. some promos from the special airing tuesday
  10. she can't be surprised, she's behind a curtain with a very famous married man flashing her tits, they should both be embarrassed they're on the cover of that mag like that smh.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if it's real he's always "doing the most" with his female costars (Eva, Charlize, this chick). Even if Jada has no issue with it it always struck me as disrespectful. Why add fuel to the fire? Some are saying the pics are from a wrap party, others are saying they're actually part of the movie
  12. i'm still here Julie, and trust me I noticed lmao
  13. Not really feeling the accents, I'll wait for the domestic trailer to comment more though
  14. This is such sad news. She was my favorite member of the group, RIP Natina.
  15. Jada Pinkett Smith: A true force of Will http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-2211784/Jada-true-force-Will.html
  16. I actually like everything about it except Jaden's part, it's like there's no variation in his raps even though he's just starting out. It's not bad but it's like we've heard it before. I liked Trey's beats, Willow's vocals and little ballet dancing and even Jada's production of the video. It's always nice to see them working together as a family.
  17. I try not to comment on his songs anymore but the whole time I was listening I couldn't stop focusing on the fact that he's 14.
  18. Gee is it hot in the D.R? that's a pretty cover I like that gown
  19. Exclusive - Willow Smith Explains Her Edgy Style Willow Smith invites us into the recording studio where she's hard at work on her new album. Willow discusses how her red carpet style has evolved, and puts those tongue ring rumors to rest. http://ca.omg.yahoo....e-30012485.html this was a good interview, she's a great kid I really wish people would back off
  20. Will's suit looks just like that one *breathe Julie* lol
  21. more from Ethiopia (including pics from above video) http://shebapost.com...-smith-ethiopia
  22. With every episode of the show and interview I see of her she becomes more and more unattractive as a person.
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