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I Am Legend Prequel Confirmed!

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Comingsoon.net is like Mediatakeout.com; you have to take what they report with a grain of salt. There will be no prequel or sequel to I Am Legend. There won't be a MIBIII or a Bad Boys III either. Stuff like this gets talked about in Hollywood all the time but it never amounts to anything.

We won't know it's true until they actually finish making the movie.

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Mark my words...this ridiculous idea of a movie will not happen.

That's what I've been trying to say. Remember that movie Time Share(with Nick Cage)? That movie was also "confirmed". That idea hasn't seen the light of day either. These are all just Hollywood rumors. IMDB.com gets its information from the "same" sources as Comingsoon.net. IMDB is no more reliable than any of the other "Hollywood" movie websites.

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i dont think that "i will be legend" will ever see the light of day. it just doesnt make sense to make. the movies that have sequals usually dont have much plot... MIB, BB.

yes they have plot but its like kill the bag guy, kill the aliens. the chartacters arent as dense, and dense characters ddont usually end up in sequals... if they do, its ruins it. like the matrix

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i doubt/ hope this wont happen. To name but a few of the films that Will was supposed to be in were, I,Robot2 , MIB3, bad boys 3, Independance day 2, the mark, i now pronounce u chuck and larry, time share, and theres so many more.

I'd much rather see any of the films ive listed over a prequel to i am legend, even independance day 2 lol.

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Most of his movies are like that. It would be silly 2 go back and do more of most of them. Bad Boys and Men In Black did well becuz they are the kinda movies that could have sequels. And with strong scripts, they could go back and do it again. All of his other movies...not so much. It doesn't matter how "good" a script would be, there is no reason even consider something else for Independence Day (which is exactly why FP refused 2 do it and why they couldn't get the project started after they tried) and I Am Legend.

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