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I Am Legend Prequel Confirmed!

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Awww yeah! Looks like Francis Lawrence just confirmed I Am Legend 2. A prequel story.

And It look as though Will Smith will return.

Check out the story: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=47316

It will be Great!!! Such a great story, and a good character!! :thumbsup:

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This is a stupid idea. There's no reason 2 go back 2 this movie. It may have been a huge hit but let's be honest...the movie was average. Average movies don't need 2 sequels or prequels. And i can't see FP really being in2 the idea of doing the movie. Sounds like media garbage rather than real news. If FP is saying he's interested, it's only becuz he'd be interested if the script was actually good. Due to the way the movie was done, it would VERY hard 2 make another movie worth making. Keep in mind they say they are making a sequel 2 every Will Smith movie that comes out. And how often does that happen? He shot down the sequel 2 ID4 saying that there was no reason 4 the movie 2 happen.

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yeah i agree, there isnt really a point to making a sequal. i did like the movie but the second time around seeing it i wasnt so impressed. and a prequal wouldnt been good, nor a sequal.

what would the prequal be? him as a military officer? that would be very boring, and people starting to get sick with the virus? it wouldnt go anywhere unless it was just a really long version of i am legend. and lets say it was a version of him as a military officer, anything regarding that was already covered in the flashbacks of i am legend and anyting more would be overkill.

a sequal would just be wills dead so it wouldnt be possible (well it could be it wouldnt really have much to it) it would just be ok we got the cure lets repopulate... and be a porno.

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Well, if it's a good script, and a good story it can be a good movie. I don't understand the "Oh no! hope he doesn't do this! there's no need for a prequel!", if it's good, then ok, do it! We wouldn,t have the crappy ending like in the first one, and maybe the infected wouldn't be totally transformed like in the first movie, maybe just like sick people. I don't know. But c'mon, it could work. It's no worse than the idea to make another MIB movie, atleast I am Ledgend had some quality and great acting from Will, if he's in it, and the movie takes place about 2 years before the first one, in the wintertime like Lawrence said, and is about as good as the first one was the first 55 mins, it could work.

And, i don't really think that the movie would be worse than the movies he's doing now. It's not like he's doing supergreat movies, and making Ledgend 2 would be like De Niro's "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle". It would'nt probably be worse than all the other movies he's thinking about starring in...

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Yeah.. but then again.. it's all about the PREquel here.. Will could be in it.

I don't see it happening either though.. Will seems to know when it's good to be up for a follow-up. He was right to turn it down for ID4 and he will turn it down again for I Am Legend!

You've got to look at the concept of these movies and then compare them to the concepts of films he made a sequel to.. it apparently is a completely different thing.

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Like most other people here, I dont think this would be the best idea. I loved Will's performance in I am Legend, but without him I dont think the movie would have been anywhere near as successful, for me Will was the movie. Hopefully he will find something else.

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"I Am NOT Legend YET" ...here's a good title, hope they pay me if they use it ;)

I'm not even bothered by that announcement. They made announcements like that after every movie with Will that made a lot of money (I, Robot; Men In Black 2, Hancock, Bad Boys 2) and Will always said he'd be interested because seriously, what was he gonna say? "Hell no, I would never do that"? He's too nice of a guy for crap like that! "I Am Legend" was a very good movie and I think it's the type of movie that should not be prquelised or sequelised (do those words even exist?) because there's no NEED for that. We (or anyone with half a brain) can imagine what happened beforehand and we don't have to see what happened afterwards. It's perfect as it is, on its own. Too often great movies or movie sagas are ruined by unworthy sequels ("Indiana Jones and The Kingdom....", "Matrix Revolutions and Reloaded", "X-Men: The Last Stand")

The only Will Smith sequel that I actually really really hope will happen is "Bad Boys 3"!! The first two were hilarious action spectacles with fun characters that I wouldn't mind revisiting over and over again!

Robert Neville is a legend, let's leave it at that and let him rest in peace!


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