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I Am Legend Prequel Confirmed!

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I Am Legend was alright. A prequel doesn't make sense. Especially if it's starring Will.

Opening Scene: Robert Neville is eating breakfast with his wife. They have a lovely time together

Final Scene/Climax: Robert's daughter gets a boo boo on her knee when she trips while running to her daddy. Robert saves the day with a band-aid.

End Scene.

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This is a stupid idea. There's no reason 2 go back 2 this movie. It may have been a huge hit but let's be honest...the movie was average. Average movies don't need 2 sequels or prequels. And i can't see FP really being in2 the idea of doing the movie. Sounds like media garbage rather than real news. If FP is saying he's interested, it's only becuz he'd be interested if the script was actually good. Due to the way the movie was done, it would VERY hard 2 make another movie worth making. Keep in mind they say they are making a sequel 2 every Will Smith movie that comes out. And how often does that happen? He shot down the sequel 2 ID4 saying that there was no reason 4 the movie 2 happen.

Agreed 100%!

I mean, if this is really true, then maybe the movie will be good but only maybe.

I personally think, that it's unnecessary. I Am Legend was good and it's cool this way, we don't need no pre or sequel! There's really no need to it!

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