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  1. dunno if he is dissing or giving props to Will, either way, hilarious and overall good article
  2. if you hadnt beat me to it, i would have posted the same thing! i dont know why, but ive been listening to alot of the Will's old tracks lately...
  3. definately would like to see a lost and found tour before a new album, but that sounds like a really good idea max, i definately would like to see that as one of will's albums!
  4. its just 5 bucks now, but when most of us got it 3 years ago, it wasnt so cheap, like 30 bucks... btw, i dunno why everyone hates B2R, i thought it wasnt that bad, just it was prolly the worse of Will's albums... personally, i like 100 Kisses Willow is a Player, How Da Beat Goes, Give Me Tonight , Momma Knows and Nothin' on My mind. on another not, what happened to Tra Knox??? :shrug:
  5. dont get me wrong, i dont mind some cussing in my tracks, as long as its tasteful, i.e not use it every second line
  6. everyone has stereotypes, some follow the stereotype while others try hard to oppose it. people like 50 cent will only cause more people to believe that stereotype while Will Smith opposes it and tries to make people see that Black people are not all "gangstas" and ignorant, there doctors, nurses, ceo's, lawyers, etc... Will Smith is trying to show this through his music, with "i wish i made that" he says that not all black people have to be hard, have to be drug dealers, have to steal stuff in order to be black. And all the people who say they had no choice are just ignorant, they just took the easy road of selling drugs, getting high and didnt try hard to get to the other side. The only reason Will gets discredited and dissrespected, is because of the ignorance people display that black people can only rhyme about cash, cars, hoes and drugs, and anything else is unacceptable. 50 cent and Company complain about these injustices, but arent doing anything to change it, they always glorify street life and then turn around and say that they are always picked on by authorities and blah blah blah blah. And then someone comes and rhymes about family, life on the other side of the tracks and then all of a sudden they are candy rappers, pop rappers, etc... the rap game is full of contradictions and bad reviewers dont do anybody any good. so there, thats my two cents.
  7. its just something every rapper does, they take something old and reinvent it, whats old becomes new, for example, p.daddy's Ill be Missing you is from The Police's Ill be Watching you.
  8. i dunno, i can get mp3's as ringtones so i have party starter as my ringtone.... :3-laugh3:
  9. no one wants to wait, its just something we gotta do, it appears that Will is a very very busy man, you know, with his acting career, his family, his production company, the list goes on! so just be patient, we've waited for about 2 months for its release, we can wait a little bit more... and i dont think this is Will's fault, maybe interscope has a role to play in this....
  10. bad boys 2 right??? "without it ya'll still got red"
  11. i dunno, but it seems that always happens, whenever there is anything Miami, i always hear Will Smith's Miami in the background, it was on the OC too if anyone remembers.... (or watches it for that matter....)
  12. great article! it doesnt matter, the train is moving and its only a matter of time before we get more artists jumping on for the ride.
  13. havent heard party starter on Aussie charts as yet, but dont worry, we're always behind, but it will go number in if i predict correctly less than a month from now!
  14. everyone on the board can feel that party starter is gonna be huge!!! my friend just heard party starter like yesterday and went out and bought the album! :dope:
  15. dont worry guys! it will rise, will will at least go platinum!
  16. sorry to bust your bubbles, but those lines are a lil bit different in each of the movies. In ID4, the line is "i could have been at a BBQ" and the line in BB2 was by Martin Lawrence, and reads "i was at a family BBQ". i think i watch one too many Will Smith movies... and cristigolo, i dont think you can start until we answer willjadafan's line....
  17. hahaha, i dont think anyone's gonna get that line.... any hints???
  18. hahahaha!!! i can see it now, Agent Kay gets plastic surgery or an alien with time reverse gun shoots him and he turns into Tom Cruise!!! He can play the same type of personality, stern and stubborn, it could work!!!
  19. Mr Nice Guy is the other song title, its on the part 2 part, near the end. Yep, MaxFly's explanation of what Will meant by "open" marriage seems much much much better. There is no way Will and Jada could have an open marriage! now WAY! :uhh:
  20. i think he should release party starter now and then release tell me why when september 11 comes around. They will be played simultaneously and then people can see that Will's new album isnt just another party album, its deep and meaningful, then people might buy to see what else is in stall! :2thumbs:
  21. i dunno, im not too fond of G-unit, but i do like lloyd banks, thats about all
  22. its pig latin, yes, there is a proper name for it. basically, you use the first letter of a word and add "ay" to it and put it at the end of the word, for example, friends, would be riendsfay, cool?
  23. :word: the current state of hip hop is ridiculous! there is no way just one rapper can save the game. We need a collabo, a handful of the best clean rappers to straighten out what appears to be worst period of hip hop. Many great rappers are absoultely fed up with it and have quit, simply because hip hop is where it is now (example Jin, not sure if you guys even like him, but he's good, you should check him out)... :thatsux:
  24. LoLz, cant believe im gonna say this, BUT, i actually liked those songs! different people, different tastes i guess... concerning kanye, i think he's a decent rapper, i wouldnt say he's got skills, but decent
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