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  1. well, i have it, its already been split and is like 6 mb
  2. i'd love to see him as a cameo!!! WAIT!!! there's going to be a BB3??? btw, i think that rags to riches rap star thing is taken by half a dollar
  3. hitch um "stop cussing and go home"
  4. hey, you guys think that the first picture is like a little preview of what the "tell me why" video might look like???
  5. 6AM in sydney?!?!?! aawww man! looks like no sleep for me... GET WILL to NUMBER 1 !!!
  6. its not really a diss track, i mean one that he takes direct aim at the haters one at a time to put them back in their places. The closest he has come is "Mr Nice Guy" and it wasnt very much...
  7. okay, you guys dont need a concert, Australia needs a Will Concert!!! havnt had one here ever! except for when Will came and did a small live thing to promote "I Robot"
  8. wait, im pretty sure the bloodhound gang are just trying to recapture their lost fame by aiming a Will. Seriously, i think will should make a diss track(clean) aimed at all the worthless rappers out there...
  9. there's not much we can do about it, people are all about beats and how it sounds, not what is said. How do you think 50 cent gets so many spins? i seriously cant understand most of what he says...
  10. rawd, i think he actually meant Channel [V] its like an Aussie equivalent to MTV. It plays music videos all day long, but its only available on cable TV. And, damn straight we will!!!
  11. thats a whole heap of cash there, i dont think i could ever own one... but, there are heaps of really good speaker, amp, dvd and cd player brands in the world. The ones i actually consider to be on top are Bose, B&O and Yammaha. Just to name a few, you should drop into store and listen for yourself. They are so amazing
  12. hahahahaha, are we the only one's who vote on that site??? does that site give Will more airplay? or is it just there to look pretty?
  14. i dont think it was a racist remark, he was probably pointing out the fact that these people sport the dreadlock without knowing what it stands for, it like if i were to dress like buddhist monk and then go out and eat meat. Or if i started wearing a Cross and then worshippeed Buddha or something. p.s. Australia is a great place to live, hardly no racisism!!! here in sydney, we have Viets, Aborigine's, Irish, English, American, African, Kenyan, Chinese, Koreans, japanese, indians, sri lankens, Tongans, etc.... so many to name
  15. hahahaha, nice paradoy of Maybe, maybe you should send it to interscope?
  16. you think 50 cent is trying to be like Will smith? He plays a main character in a new movie called "get Rich or Die Tryin" loosely based on himself...
  17. hey cristigolo, how did you even find out this information? i mean you found out before he actually confessed... p.s. it wasnt me (i dont think i have access to that forum yet) :hmm:
  18. the girl Will talks about on Afro Angel isnt named Loretta, she actually isnt named at all. So that is purely just speculation that Loretta and Afro Angel are linked, wherea this "Michelle" is named twice, and have similar behaviour. I dont think its her actual name, Will renamed her "michelle" and is rapping about the same girl. So its not that far-fetched.
  19. im actually loving the idea! it would help Will get more exposure and get him high in the charts!
  20. I was listening to some of Will's Big Willie Style tracks, and i found some interesting information... Ms Holy Roller "Michelle" is actually mentioned on one of the tracks, "I Loved You" off Big Willie style. Lyric goes like this: "The seeds that that I sowed I can't believe you so deceivin Sneakin out on the weekends with Michelle One of your freak friends from the east end she bad as hell" Im not sure if this was posted before but yeah, maybe this may help answer the question of who "Michelle" is...
  21. dont worry, it will pick up, just like switch, sooner or later, it will reach the top 10 position, we just need to get more people to vote for it! c'mon people VOTE!!!
  22. i say interscope really dropped the ball on this one. I reckon the promotion of Lost and Found was all Will, he went on shows, he performed live at various arena's, he performed for the NBA, the list goes on. Here in Australia, there close to no promotion for lost and found (except by a few Will's fans here). To me, i think Will paid for most of the video himself, just like he did with So Fresh.
  23. dw, they cant avoid playing this song because so many people will be requesting it!
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