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  1. how is this even possible??? i dont care about the mumbling in 50's raps, but the dude doesnt even make sense!!! its like he finds two sentences that a) dont make sense and b) dont rhyme and then he tries to mumble em together to make it sounds like it rhymes. maybe not all the time, but it happens!
  2. spanx u!!!! i cant watch it in Australia because i havnt got mtv, and really wanted to watch it, u have answered my prayer!!!!
  3. madness!!! he likes maccas like i do, not sure of that michael bolton thing though... um, maybe he does slow songs?
  4. i think he prolly has about 5 in the bag.
  5. ok, what if you have all of Will Smith's album's and his movies (made in america, six degrees, where the day takes you and bagger vance)? is that enough to show your a fan? I was planin on buying the rest of his dvd's and the jjfp albums, but since uni started, kinda strapped for cash...
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