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  1. "Ali" quote: "i am half the man that you are"
  2. LoLz, i think we are getting a little bit off topic here... but as long as were are discussing r&b, what are your thoughts on Chris Brown, i think he has potential and his first album was pretty good, i'd say more than half of his album was strong (better than most albums atm)...
  3. i really dont think you guys can blame Will for the lack music he puts out, we all know that Will loves Hip-Hop and will always love the game, but the problem right now is that the genre itself is screwed up, the music coming out is all wack, is all gargabe, all fake gangsta crap and Will propbably doesnt want to release albums that currently belong in this era of Hip-Hop. Im sure Will is still recording tracks in the privacy of his own home (the man has a recording studio in his house, trust me, he's dedicated to the music). I remember reading an article about Will during the time of BWS and he said that he was still recording tracks but didnt release any because he was dissapointed with what the game had become... that's probably why he doesnt want to release anything... We as fans are very dissapointed with the current state of the genre, we are constantly listening to old skool tracks that bring us back to the Golden Era, and listen out for good contemporary tracks and hope that Hip-Hop somehow returns to what it used to be about, not the gangsta image, not the cash, cars or money, but for the love of Rap, the music, the fans... We can all hope it will someday return...
  4. i dont see why you guys are so quick to complain, its only been about a year since his last album dropped... give the man more time than that to make an album, i mean c'mon! and please take note, during the time the album dropped til now, Will has only done one movie, and according to the JJFP news, he's making a complimation album, so be happy with that too! sure we prolly wont see another full JJFP album, be happy with the tracks being released, Will is a very busy man, he has companies to run, a family to look after, and a charity too. Maybe Will should take time off his charity work for AIDS in Africa in order to give us (more well off than most africans) another album... It all seems quite selfish to me
  5. i know we all think summertime, but to be honest, it'll probably be getting jiggy with it
  6. omg!!! i cant believe u cant go, it must be tearing u up inside...
  7. hahaha, it is a small world!!! im in cabramatta alot, cant remember where i saw em though... :hmm: i even took a photo wif my phone :2thumbs:
  8. dude, do you happen to live around Sydney area??? the inner west to be more specific??? because i know ive seen those plates and admired it when i saw it...
  9. LoLz, i dont think i noticed you... i prolly thought you were some random stage dude... :hmm: my eyes were fixed on Will... sorry tim!!
  10. I was at that show.. did you see me? I was walking up with Jeff..carryin his records? how am i supposed to know if i saw you??? i dunno wat you look like!!! :stars:
  11. nothing can be done, unless he takes about 1 full year off to work on his album and its promotion, doing tours and what not, he wont be seriously considered for a Grammy, thats just the way i see it, lets just be happy Will won an AMA
  12. i could have sworn i posted a thread like this about 2 - 3 weeks ago... either way, ive ben voting almost everyday
  13. that must have ben awesome... i have only seen Will live once, and it was such a great experience, i will never forget it, it was before his premiere in Sydney, and it rained too, but the show was still good!!! it was absolutely amazing...
  14. i want him to come back to SYDNEY!!! its was a mad concert, even though it started raining.... but, COME BACK!!!
  15. so no one knows it??? i woulda sen it, if i wasnt in Australia, it usually airs here later... anyone know this jist of it???
  16. yeah, i fink Will likes it wen the crowd knows the lyrics to his songs, it just makes it feel that much better, maybe we can request it at his next concert...
  17. i have one word: WTF?!?!?! this dudes gotta learn his place! wat is he, 18??? he wasnt born when Will smith began tearing it up at parties (neither was I, but i dont go around dissin Will...) he sang a remix to parents just dont understand for god's sake!!! another fake @$$ punk claimin to be real, the hardest thing bow wow's probably done is take a crap constipated... (yes, i know i said one word, but damn, he's pissin me off...)
  18. well, i can see Will playin this role, it'll be very similar to his role in ID4, except, he'll be playin it alot older...
  19. well, thats a dream we all want to come true, but i think another album next year would be too soon for Will, i mean he's got alot of good songs left on Lost and Found that should be released next year and then, in 2007 we can hope for a new album ^^ fingas crossed
  20. yeah, i dun really like them either, they've never been too good or big if you ask me...
  21. i've voted like 20 times...(been cheating by using different computers at work). Well, now that Will's won an AMA, we can probably start to get him on a roll, next, the people's choice awards, then, um, what award comes next??? (he'll win that too) ^^
  22. LoLz well, its no surprise, Will is King!!
  23. WOOT!!! WOOT!!! We all knew he would win!!! well, at least i did, i cant remember when it was that he won like 3 awards in the one awards for Willennium... But im just as hyped about this as i was then!!! WOOT!!! WOOT!!!
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