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  1. omg omg omg, please tell me an album is dropping soon!! edit: Props to you guys for keeping the forum going
  2. omg, I'm gonna be seriously depressed if this news isn't true...
  3. What problem do have with anyone spilling knowledge that's relevant to them? Who would you rather hear knowledge from?
  4. I'm not sure, it may be where you're from, people laugh when I tell them im into WS and don't know of anything prior to BWS. I'm not sure, but hip-hop isn't as popular where i'm from and i'm generally the oddball. The only hiphop they are exposed to is what's on the radio, which is mostly trash anyway.
  5. Lolz, I purchased the Live 8 DVD's just to see Will Smith's performance in good quality
  6. i just downloaded the whole the 2005 Live Will Smith concert and it was absolutely amazing, I've been to hip-hop concerts before, but Will's one was one of the best I've seen. He should definitely come back to music, at the very least, performing on stage. It's such a waste he's lost himself again...
  7. i dont like JT at all, terrible artist in my opinion, but she's okay, same as the other pop singers out at the moment
  8. I mostly stick with Hip-Hop, but i also like rap and rnb. I enjoy some punk rock like simple plan and maroon 5 and occaisionally listen to hardstyle/house/dance lolz, this is begining to sound like a singles board with profiles
  9. well, it looks like its gonna be hilarious, im sure people are gonna be too busy laughing their a$$es off to care
  10. hahaha, i hope there's a major upset and Will outs Em
  11. im just wondering how many votes there are going to be vs the number of rappers on the list... and should Will Smith really be on the list? This being a jjfp board and all, it would be a little bit bias
  12. i do like the refresh and the new look, im not always posting, but im always here checkin the news on jjfp, glad its not gone...
  13. OMG!!!!! i am so camping outside of Fox Studios for this!!! prayers have been answered, I have never seen a Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince performance live before, definately gonna be banging!!!!
  14. well, im thinking summertime and brand new funk as the sure things, not sure about other tracks they may do, perhaps some of will's stuff, or maybe will n jeff have been recording new tracks?!? and are going to do them at the tour!!! That would be so awesome...
  15. please be coming to the land down under, you have fans here too!!!
  16. wow, i wonder who dug up such an old thread...
  17. isn't hero supposed to step in and steer the thread back to the topic??? because right now, we are WAY off topic, from sales to beef to who Will hates/loves and to hip hop as a whole... personally, i think Will does care abt sales, i mean, as an artist, how can he not?
  18. the number nine guy is just plain ignorant... anyone from the "hood" could be accepted into MIT as long as they apply themselves, instead of going out and buying drugs, instead of going out and stealing, instead of "thuggin", they could apply themselves and study, just plain and simple, they have libraries, even in the hood.
  19. Bad Boys II "im alergic to bullsh*t"
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