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  1. i dunno, i know he recorded lots of tracks, some even had petey pablo on it, but i guess it didnt make the cut, maybe wasnt the right sound for the album or sumthing.... shame really
  2. all his opening songs are strong and on target, they say "im here to stay, i love the game, my flow is tight" it especially shows on im comin and born to reign
  3. Will is up for a People's Choice Award!!! He's up for the "Favourite Funny Star" Catergory. So everyone, VOTE FOR WILL!!! here: http://www.pcavote.com/nominees_sp.shtml
  4. Will is up for a People's Choice Award!!! He's up for the "Favourite Funny Star" Catergory. So everyone, VOTE FOR WILL!!! here: http://www.pcavote.com/nominees_sp.shtml
  5. hahaha, i remeber that video, i downloaded the video and it was cool seing Will, even if it was for like 10 seconds...
  6. no real order here either: the chosen one im comin the rain pump me up coming to the stage nothing on my mind act like you know chasing forever candy (dont know why though...) yall know can i add more??? its so hard to rank the songs... :(
  7. usher is a mad singer and dancer, his acting skills need alot of work though... i dont think there is anyone out there that can even come close to Will, i mean no one, we always talk about black entertainers looking up to Will, but i dont think white ones can either
  8. that was actually a callabo, it had lil romeo and bow wow, and some one else, cant remember who though....
  9. hahaha, omg, i am so trying that! freezing paintballs before shooting em. omg, all hell will break loose!!!
  10. "I'm going for the guy-with-the-gut roles. Soon as I'm 40, I'm going to stop watching what I eat" absolutely hilarious, GO WILL!!!
  11. jaden doesnt "get" a movie, he actually auditioned for it, its not like Will said "Jaden, you can be in my movie" It should be okay though, im sure Jaden will live, as will I
  12. hahaha, an interlude? thats all jaden gets? i feel sorry for jaden, i mean im also a middle child AND the middle child syndrome is true in my case and Jaden's. All well, poor unloved middle child...
  13. Just wondering, Will has a song dedicated to Trey (just the two of us) and a song dedicated to Willow (Willow is A Player), but, does he have a song for his middle child Jaden??? Or is it true that the middle child syndrome has affected Will????
  14. hahahaha, cant believe you guys can mistake will for obie trice, i know you are into his music and dont need to know what will looks like, but c'mon, this is just ridiculous.
  15. yeah, but their both under interscope, you hear aftermath and will together and then the fans (us) will think he sold out to make money. I just dont want that...
  16. to me, i think Will milked switch way too much, by now, he could have release at least 4 songs on his album, i mean, if u look at the charts, Kanye has like 2 or 3 singles out and he just released his album. I'd say that Will did take enough time off movies to make the album, jus got the promotion all screwed. And people, STOP HATING ON BORN TO REIGN!!! i love that album, it may not have been the best of Will's albums, but its still much much much much much better than any of the other crap out there at the moment. Songs like block party, nothing on my mind, 1000 kisses, maybe, etc are on that album, so just stop it.
  17. who knows what he means by that comment, he may have respect, but his rhymming skill is just plain bad. it just doesnt make sense...
  18. yeah, im sure many people who dont look up individual words for their meanings and think it simply means "very" famous, not with the negativity it actually has...
  19. why did u skip straight to track 6? u dont like the other tracks??
  20. who thinks "new album"? (i know its a dream, but i like to dream...)
  21. um, dude, i really dont think will uses ghosts writers. He may credit their names, but maybe only because they were there at the time or gave him some creative idea, or helped with a line or two. His stuff is orginal.
  22. shark tale, btw, Angie totally gave it away um, lets see... "dead guy"
  23. doesnt look like another album will be due out anytime soon... i mean with 3 movies lined up, not so sure...
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