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  1. I think BWS is an album everyone can enjoy due to the samples keeping it up-beat - samples that were cleverly used I believe - I've heard people say Will was a novice ( :nhawong: ) for having so many samples in his songs, but I feel it worked out well for the album, keeping it an up-beat and fun album. Lost and Found didn't musically achieve for me what BWS and Willenium do. Lyrically however, I agree when people say it shows how he has grown up and evolved, with the lyrics becoming more down to earth (such as the topic of 9/11 on Tell Me Why). I didn't find myself listening to all the tracks on L&F, as some I couldn't handle the beat of the song - I found it too lairy. I still stand fully behind my words when I say there aren't many other artists that I can listen to the lyrics of the song without feeling they are too agressive, or are accompanied by a too agressive musical backing. TooFresh: Pump Me Up rules! :thumbsup:
  2. A'men to that bro! Well Karen is mixed race, so the kids are 3/4 white if the dad is white. Genetics is a weird thing sometimes. I thought that at first but after reading that she's mixed race, it makes sense. In a lighter form fo the subject (but using it to strengthen the point) my Mum's friend and her husband both have black hair - they have 2 daughters - one with black hair, the other is blonde haired. As JJ says, genetics is a weird thing :susel[1]: :yeahthat:
  3. Damn...I woulda paid for a green/pink pair just for the sheer fact that I could say "yeah, I have fresh prince footwear." I wouldn't wear them - probably keep them spotless cos they'd be so special. Damn shame they're never to be :shakehead:
  4. Damn...that's...Wow. He deserves it though - he's one hell of an actor, musician and an amazing guy in general - so down to earth compared to a lot of celebs at his height of fame.
  5. Damn...that's...Wow. He deserves it though - he's one hell of an actor, musician and an amazing guy in general - so down to earth compared to a lot of celebs at his height of fame.
  6. I hear what you're saying, but they could throw Alfono's extra weight into the sotryline - if as MaxFly says if it was a WATN/What have they been upto" type of script, then having Carlton with a bit of extra weight wouldn't be a problem I don't think. I just feel that when programmes have finales, even a double episode doesn't feel as though it has ended properly - At the end of the day that's all it is - a double episode. A reunion movie I believe would be a better way of saying goodbye to the programme, and also giving all of FPOBAs fans (old and new alike) one last massive fix :)
  7. I think it's one of their best - definately one that is well known. It gets stuck in my head most days, and I personally love it. With the talk of us fans wanting another album, I really do hope it's another collaboration of Jeff and Prince cos IMO they flatten anything other "musical partnerships" - listening to Homebase now (just finished Summertime :D ) I can't think of a better collaboration of two musicians - for that reason alone I think Summertime is my all-time favourite song.
  8. Hi all, I've just joined :) I grew up watching FPOBA (mostly re-runs, I was born in 1990) and have recently had Satellite (Sky :D) installed in my room. I found that 2 channels (Virgin 1 and Trouble) run the episodes daily, and it just got me thinking. I know about the fan peition to have a reunion episode, but I feel it would be better off as a reunion film? Something to get it out on screen to a wider audience - which with Will's fantastic movie career I thought would easily atract attention from all those who are FPOBA fans. So, in one line - a Film as opposed to a shorter half hour episode? Thoughts? D
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