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  1. Ok, thank you ! PS : it that sure that he didn't made the music of this song ? Because I think it is strange ! It was still "JJFP", and I think it is strange that he didn't made the music of the song !
  2. I've always read that Jazzy Jeff was not on that song :hm:
  3. Right ? I thought this was an officiel video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFYK3SJUc18 This video ( ) : is that an official "From Da South" music video ?
  4. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, yes, the theme of the show (the longest version is the one we can see in the 3 first episode of the season 1, isn't it ?). Yo Home To Bel Air... yes that's right ! Totally forgot that one ! Is it really official, or is it more a compilation of others music videos that somebody made one day, and that is now known as "Yo Home To Bel Air music video " ? Nightmare on my street, no official music video (or not released !!) And it's too bad !
  5. I suggest to make the list of every music videos of Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ! Sometimes, we (this is my case, maybe it's not yours !) forget that they did a music video for a song ! DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Boom! Shake The Room Brand New Funk Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson I Wanna Rock Lovely Daze Parents Just Don't Understand Ring My Bell Summertime The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Things That U Do Yo Home To Bel Air Will Smith 1000 Kisses Black Suits Comin' Freakin' It Gettin' Jiggy WIt It Just Cruisin' Just The Two Of Us Men In Black Miami Party Starter So Fresh Switch Wild Wild West Will 2k If some are missing, name it, and I will update my post !!
  6. If Will win, it is against Eminem (I think he will beat Play-in Winner, even if I don't know him :D)
  7. I don't have a least favourite. On each album there are songs I love.
  8. Really hard to say, because anybody can do a page like that. The username is strange, I don't really think Will Smith will take a pseudo like "BIGWILLSMITH" Words, every letters in block letters,... But, maybe it's him... I don't think, but maybe. PS : it is like on Will Smith's official website, on the message board, there "itsmewillsmith" who claim to be the real Will Smith. But I don't think he is :D
  9. Hello ! I wanted to know if somebody got "Summertime Making-Of" video in quite good quality ! I found it, I guess on Youtube (don't remember), but quality is not really good. Maybe one of you got it ! Thanks in advance !
  10. Which DVD ? I received "WS video music collection" and "WS concert live ft DJ Jazzy Jeff" !!
  11. I don't really know if it is a role for him. But he got certain point that make him a very good JB !
  12. yes, he made just 2 or 3 comedy (maybe less), and jhe begin with comedy in FPOBA. And I'm not sure MIB III will be a good movie... we don't know, but the second was not really good.
  13. I wonder, on which VHS or DVD can we see "Summertime Making-Of" please ? Thanks
  14. I prefer this one too, better than We Made You and 3Am. But, I don't know, it is not like "the old time Eminem". For me, he is the best rapper of the history (I know, I am the only one !!!), but those songs are not as good as the aldest.
  15. Think the same thing. I really like this song and I'm happy to see it in second position ! Nice top 10, but it is very subjective : it is hard to tell "these are the 10 best songs, and that's all". Everybody got his own top 10.
  16. I think I am the only interested, but Didier Deschamps will succeed to Erik Geret, he is officially the next manager of Marseille !
  17. I disagree, if SA have the big 3 healthy for a full season and post season, they are very much still title contenders IMO. Very proud of the Bulls, next season we're coming. And THIS is the problem. That's why I say that they have to rebuilt all the team : Ginobili is always injured, and Duncan is not anymore the big Duncan.
  18. I ordered the DVD yesterday Do you have any links for all that stuff ? Or maybe a name of site where we can buy it ? Cause I don't know a lot of site ! What is that ? I searched on the forum, I didn't find anything !! Thanks for your answers ! If anyone want to say anything about a DVD or a book, he can (this is not just the topic for "me", this is to talk about every DVDS and books !!) EDIT I just found "Will Smith Concert Live featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff" on ebay, a "Buy It Now" product for 2.49€ + 3.90€ (delivery) (total : $8) ! So I bought it :D
  19. Go Lakers ! Not an easy serie aginst Rockets, but I think they can win in 5 games ! I'm a little annoyed to see that Celtics beat the Bulls :( but it's not grave, they will not go far About Spurs series, I think it show that it's time to rebuild, they are playing with one and a half player (Parker, and a semi-Duncan).
  20. I ordered "The Will Smith Video Collection + (DVD)" this morning (with my new earphones *again*...)
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