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  1. no like the size of the file, Mega byte (MB)
  2. Oh shoot, i meant smaller size, like KB size
  3. 1st you just cant change them its like changing carlton with someone tall lol
  4. Look at these bad boys i know theres some threads on dis but i found more pics these shoes are dope!! http://www.myairshoes.com/puma/puma-fresh-...l-air-pack.html
  5. hahah i got mine for christmas season 1-4 almost done lol shame the 5-6 arent out yet :(
  6. hahah ill try my french lol: Grands merci, mais pouvez-vous faire s'il vous plaƮt la taille de dossier plus petite ? MERCI !
  7. pretty much anyone where hes dancing lol but this ones really good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAChsOY2KIY 0:08-0:20 Thanks!
  8. Anyone have any? Prefferably on the bigger size thanks!
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