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  1. Just "Pause" on VLC, and "print screen". I didn't use any software.
  2. Will Smith Live Concert (2005) - Re-up I didn't want to have 15 or 20 parts, so I cut the file into 3 files of 700Mb, and one file of 420Mb. There are 5min44 missing at the beginning :( I don't know why, but I can't extract the first song Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
  3. This is amazing to see that season 5 & 6 are not yet released... Will it be released one day ?? I hope...
  4. I found some on "Will Smith Music Video Collection". One or two on a famous P2P soft :D And the most of them, by searching hours and hours on Google. 95% of the ones I found this way were on... russians websites ! Russians seems to be reel fans of music video (all kinds of music) !!
  5. As I found a lot of Will Smith's and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's music video in good/high quality, I've decided to share it with you ! (you can see a preview by clicking on "Preview" ; And the largest previews are not always in the best quality, because it is not easy to stop the video on a clear image!) Boom! Shake The Room Preview 768*576 259Mb .vob Download It! Brand New Funk Preview 720*537 276Mb .vob Download It! Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble Preview 768*576 317Mb .vob Download It! I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) Preview (Not a HQ, but a better quality than everything I found on the web) 640*480 44Mb .wmv Download It! Parents Just Don't Understand Preview 720*540 231Mb .vob Download It! Ring My Bell Preview 720*540 289Mb .vob Download It! Summertime Preview 768*576 200Mb .vob Download It! The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Preview (Just the opening theme of the show, full version, with the names on it) 720*576 372Mb .avi Download It! The Things That U Do Preview 640*480 42Mb .wmv Download It! 1000 Kisses (ft Jada) 2 versions, I can't decide which one is the best :) Preview / Preview 768*576 / 640*480 78Mo / 64Mb .mpg / .avi Download It! / Download It! Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) Preview 720*576 56Mo .vob Download It! Boy You Knock Me Out (Tatyana Ali ft Will Smith) Preview / Preview 720*544 / 720*540 84Mb / 159Mb .mpg / .avi Download It! / Download It! Freakin' It Preview 720*540 204Mb .vob Download It! Gettin' Jiggy Wit It Preview 768*576 219Mb .vob Download It! Just Cruising Preview 768*576 298Mb .mpg Download It! Just The Two Of Us Preview 768*576 264Mb .vob Download It! Men In Black Preview 768*576 291Mb .vob Download It! Miami Preview 768*576 271Mb .mpg Download It! Party Starter Preview 640*480 77Mb .m2v Download It! So Fresh Preview 768*576 335Mb .vob Download It! Switch Preview 720*540 193Mb .vob Download It! Wild Wild West (Full Version) Preview 768*576 424Mb .vob Download It! Will 2k Preview 768*576 285Mb .vob Download It! (PS : you can read the avi, mpg, wmv, m2v and vob with VLC Media Player) If you got other Will/JJFP's good/high quality music video, don't hesitate, post it !! EDIT If someone can edit the title : "DONWNLOAD" :/ thanks!
  6. I bought the DVD, this live is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!! Maybe I will upload it, but I have a problem : I can't extract the first song (the whole first chapter). Every soft I tried can't extract it :( But I'll try to extract the rest. I saw it a few days ago in .torrent, but I didn't find it again...
  7. Not especially a genre, I prefer rap music. Besides rap, it's more a song I like, but not a genre. For exemple, I like "Football's coming home", or "In too deep", but it's not a genre I like. Just songs.
  8. I named it. This is the name on WS Live Concert (Salsa remix), and this is the name of the file I found.
  9. Hello ! I found the Salsa Remix of Miami, and I love that version !! You can heard it at the end of the Miami music video ! Miami Salsa Remix
  10. I think I will do a topic with every clips I got ! I'll try to do it tomorrow !
  11. I thank you, but finally, I found a lot of HQ clips !!
  12. Stan or not, it's gonna be hard. Eminem is one of the best of the history of rap. Will is too. But I'm not sure Will got as many fans as Eminem ! We'll see !
  13. I founded it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOgXf6ruioc Season 4, episode 11
  14. Hello ! Here is one of my favourite TV Show about Will Smith, The E! True Hollywood Story ! This is great quality of the show ! E! True Hollywood Story - Will Smith Video : 351Mb 512*384 42min 57sec [ Megaupload ] Enjoy !
  15. Hello ! Here is one of my favourite TV Show about Will Smith ! I found it in good quality (before, I had the Youtube version ) Inside The Actors Studio - Will Smith 13 of january 2002 Video : 350Mb 640*480 47min 27sec [ Megaupload ] Enjoy !
  16. Thanks for the news ! If anyone can have a video, or an audio !
  17. As I don't have any of the fourth first seasons in DVD, I ordered the third season for less than 12€ (approximately $16) ! I am waiting for the lowest price to buy season by season !
  18. I've read the lyrics, but you know, maybe I've more flown over the lyrics. And as I don't understand it when I hear the song... :D
  19. I never noticed he was saying that, he disappoints me a lot :(
  20. I think you watched the first episode of the first season : this episode is AMAZING ! They all are, but I love the first one (I don't really ne why... !!)
  21. Ok, this is just I was not really sure with the english word ! So "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" is DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince !!! Thanks, you learned me something !
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