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  1. been voting once a day, might up it to 2 now that I know its possible.
  2. It would be great if this was possible, however it would be incredibly tough to put together. I would love to see something like this happen though. Alfonso has put on quite a bit of weight though, Carlton would be huge (not height wise though).
  3. Nothing unexpected, but its good to hear from Jeff about Will. Hopefully they can reunite for another album!!
  4. Thanks, thats classic. Prince just popping out from everywhere.
  5. Great vid man, Ive never seen Jeff live and it showed what a great atmosphere it would be. Hopefully I will get to someday. Cheers.
  6. I just saw the movie yesterday, and I liked it but it was a bit more complex than I would have thought. Another good performance by Will. I never saw it coming that Charlize Theron was a superhero too, so that crept up pretty fast on me, and it changed the whole aspect of the movie. I enjoyed it though.
  7. I just voted then, will vote again tomorrow and on my other comp after I got the email from the site. I wont look at the Hancock threads because I havent seen it yet, been real busy but Im hoping to see it the next few days.
  8. Portland with Bayless and Batum from the draft!!! I am so stoked right now.
  9. Sorry guys, thats dissapointing that you couldnt see Will and Jeff perform. At least you all saw each other though, and Will, and heres to hoping that Will and Jeff have a World tour sometime soon.
  10. Hopefully Celts can seal it tomorrow, then I can look forward to the draft :lol:
  11. The other day Will and Jeff would have been in Australia. Damnit. Nevertheless, all you guys in London have a great time. It will def be something special.
  12. That Taiwan poster is nuts, and I saw the Hancock ad in NBA Finals too, was a nice piece of advertising, they just slipped it into the flow of the game.
  13. No Australia :( Nice for people in Germany though.
  14. :lol: this was hilarious, Id never seen it so thanks.
  15. Good work with the pics Ale, I'm really looking forward to when this comes out to see if it will be any good, its a bit of a mystery so far and is hard to tell whether it will be a good movie. Hopefully it doesnt get edited too much.
  16. Celts take game two as well, Pierce is stepping up. Rondo had a really nice game, he has been impressive IMO. And yes, I too cannot stand Kobe, I respect his skillset but he annoys the hell out of me. As a Blazer fan, the Lakers are also the mortal enemy, so here's to Boston taking 2 more games.
  17. I saw this on Myspace once, nice vid.
  18. Great interview yet again, thanks for the upload typhoon.
  19. Yeah I enjoyed it, nice work in finding it dude. Hopefully someone will have the original somewhere.
  20. Hopefully it will happen, both the first two were killer movies, if there is a third I cant wait.
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