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  1. I just found it and read through it then, sounds incredible. And yes I think they are due to come to Sydney again this year :gettinjiggywitit: I wanna hear them pump out all their old skool tracks, and hear Brand New Funk live, one of my fav FPJJ songs.
  2. Daniel keep in touch with me :welcome4: They may just come down to Australia.. I'll make sure I do, thanks for the welcome. I'll keep coming here to see any more details. You get any insider Jazzy Jeff+Fresh Prince info? If you find out anything about them coming to Australia on tour just send us a pm. Thanks, much appreciated.
  3. This is huge news, after I saw this im pumped. Hopefully they will come to Australia, I'd be up for going anywhere here if they come, Sydney especially :jazzy: What do you guys think the chances are of them coming down under? I'll be looking out for any info, and have fun all of you near London, wish I could be there.
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