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  1. Ok I chimed in with a comment, Bringing it back is a killer track. Ill be voting, best of luck.
  2. Love it, thats awesome. Great vid for a great song
  3. Bolt was absolutely insane in the 100m, I still cannot believe it. And its not like he is incredibly muscly or built either, he is just a freak. I suppose he is pretty tall though. Also, I understand where you're coming from MissAshley with the Chinese girls, some of them looked like they were around 11 or 12 years old. They were still pretty amazing though, I could never do any of the things those gymnasts do.
  4. Ive never even heard of this movie, but the soundtrack is indeed very nice. Cant go wrong with Summertime and ATCQ.
  5. Thats a really nice cover, I like the idea of it.
  6. This is coming to Australia now too, they had it on Big Brother a couple of years ago I think too as a mini game sort of thing. Ive seen the Japanese one on youtube before, its pretty funny.
  7. Tatyana still looks so fine. She is hit hard in that trailer though. When does this movie drop? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for that Ale, it must frustrate Alfonso so much being always seen as Carlton, but he is really honest about it. Has anyone watched the show, and is it any good?
  9. Happy birthday Brakes, have a good one.
  10. Same here, it took me a while to find out how to change it back, but now its cool.
  11. Yep its still open to vote, I just did again then. Nice work cookie with the bulletins also, best of luck in your surgery, I didnt kno bout that but all the best to you.
  12. Ive voted twice today and yesterday, I forgot to vote for near a week before this though, but I have voted a fair bit, over 10 times at least. Hopefully he can take home the award.
  13. Damn, I just watched the whole thing on Youtube, before realizing it was a different salute not the Comedy one :bangcomp: Shoulda just downloaded this one. Thanks for the link
  14. Thanks Kev, you seem to find a ton of sweet youtube vids which I havent seen so its much appreciated. I hadnt heard this mix either but I like.
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