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  1. Damn, that sucks. They looked pretty fresh as well. I too liked the white pair, I would rock those for sure. A little OT but here is another pair of crazy kicks, Monopoly Reverse Jams :wickedwisdom: link. The Fresh Prince Pumas reminded me of them.
  2. I hope the movie at least kind of makes up for there being no Sydney concert. I'm feeling a bit doubtful about it so far.
  3. Track is real smooth, Jeff's beat is so relaxed and Phil Nash brings some nice rhymes to the track. Thanks for putting the track up Tim.
  4. Thanks for the list, some nice tracks on there.
  5. Bulls won the lotto, damn with Beasley their young team should improve by a lot, he is exactly what they need.
  6. Yeah make sure you have a great time in London guys, its good to know that they will be performing at least over there, I'm kind of excited for all of you guys as well, it should be really good. It still really sucks for us down here though, maybe they will perform at Will's next premiere, I sure hope so as I'm killing to see JJFP live.
  7. Damn this is not good. I wouldve rather they just kept the original rating, screws all the fans just so the companies can make a little extra cash. Ah wells, hopefully Will and Jeff will come out to Sydney to perform at one of Will's next premiere's. It sucks for us, but not much that we can do except hope that the movie is something really special.
  8. Yeah I saw them a while ago, they are pretty fresh. Ive stocked up on my shoes though, just got Reverse Jams that look sweet so I might not get these. Still they look very nice man.
  9. If it is true hopefully it can be rescheduled somehow or something, or Will and Jeff will come out sometime soon.
  10. What????? NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :noooo: :noooo: :noooo: :noooo: times a billion
  11. Does this mean Will and Jeff aren't coming anymore? That is incredibly dissapointing, I was looking forward to seeing them perform more than anything else this whole year. Hopefully this can all be worked out.
  12. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-Foot Down (11th Hour)
  13. I agree Julie, props JRoll, that thing is sexy.
  14. Hes the DJ, Im the rapper is IMO the best and is also my favourite, so many good tracks on it, most of them I could listen to all the time. It isnt only Will's lyrics from the album that makes it great as well, Jeff's work on this album is great, some new things that not a lot of guys were doing at the time.
  15. atm I Would have to say Tell Me Why, it is a great track and I agree with everything said about it on here, it is unique.
  16. Those fresh prince jerseys are nice, lol at david robinson commercial.
  17. Gotta love Will's verse in this song, it was one of the best songs IMO off Hes the DJ, and that could well be my favourite JJFP album.
  18. Dont know if its been mentioned, but when Jazz is like I dont even need a car, then goes Phil, my tubby judicial brother. Gets thrown out the house again :lol:
  19. Anyone had any updates of when they will be released? I want to get season 5 and 6 on dvd for better quality than my downloaded 5 and 6. I also want to see this 100th episode where Jazzy Jeff hosts it, Ive never heard about it.
  20. Hahahahaha, I remember that so well. Jeff was so classic in Fresh Prince, when he appeared he was my favourite to watch on screen, some classic lines on there. If we're talking about good episodes, I thought the one in the first season where Will says he is a poet and Geoffrey says that poem at the poem night is pretty good. And Jazz is like, "Lets go get some barbeque and get bizzy." Works everytime :thumbsup:
  21. Great remix, sounds real fresh. I like it.
  22. I agree JRoll, both are great albums and And in this corner is slept on by many. I was listening to I think I can beat Mike Tyson yesterday, I watched the video too. It was pretty funny man, great track.
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