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  1. Yeah great ep, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tFZErY1IN0 His face in it is hilarious :wiggle:
  2. I agree with KevTastic and Hero 1 on this one, however it clearly is no where near as good as the original. Brand New Funk is one of my favourite FP JJ songs, top 5 id say but while Peedi isnt as good, he does bring something fresh and different to the track. It sounds completely different from when it was with Prince but I dont mind it.
  3. Just came across this, thanks man its very helpful. props
  4. :woowoo: Happy birthday man. Have a good day.
  5. Just thought I should sneak in a little message for my team :3-laugh3:
  6. Yeah I agree, I would have loved to see Chris Paul get it, what he did with those Hornets was nothing short of amazing. 2nd best record in the West for a team with no where near the talent of a lot of other teams IMO should get the MVP, he made all his team-mates better and West an all-star. Put up great numbers too. Im just waiting for next year when Oden comes back, go Blazers.
  7. I could try and record it but my phones camera is terrible. Im going with my cousin tho and he has a pretty good camera on his so I might get him to record it, hopefully.
  8. Ive never seen one either, it will be my first too :w00t: Looks like a few of us will be there at fox studios, I cant wait to see Jeff and Prince live.
  9. EVen though I dont really know you, happy birthday anyway. Have a good one champ.
  10. I havent seen it yet, some old dude was trying to tell me to go and see it on my way home and he kept following me so I got turned off seeing the movie a bit. One of my mates said it was good though. And those are massive numbers at the box office.
  11. Alright ill chime in here, this was at last years formal.
  12. I love the episode where Will starts playing Basketball for the school and absolutely dominates, and does all the ridiculous trick shots. Then Carlton tries to be the hero but misses. Theres also the Air Fresh commercial with Isiah Thomas in it. The shot from the tip off was hilarious :lol:
  13. Damn, Hawks are on fire. If they can somehow pull this one off then Boston will be feeling the pressure bigtime in game 7.
  14. What a nut, ah well, the old lady will be shown up when its making a ton at the box office :rofl:
  15. i'll be there I'll try get on camera and give you guys a wave. Haha, im crazy excited already and its still over a month away.
  16. Thanks for the news, thats awesome. I can do the Black Curtain thing, but even if I dont see the movie I get to see Will perform right cause its a public performance. I might see the movie anyway, but Id be stoked just seeing Will and Jazzy Jeff perform. Thanks for all the info man.
  17. Woohoo! Sydney, Im there. Hey Hero1 when you find out where we can get tickets can you post it or hit me a pm, I'll be needing a few :gettinjiggywitit:
  18. Daaaaaaaaaayum. That thing is huge. Looking at the bball court, it reminds me of Fresh Prince episode where Will plays basketball, how good would it be to take on Will.
  19. My bad, good job with the edit.
  20. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien is an amazing rapper, dude is so smart. After you could play as him on nba 2k5 I started getting into his music and his rhymes are real good. Nice write-up.
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