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  1. thanks man but im stickin wit google and yahoo for now
  2. anyone got prince - black sweat wicked beat!
  3. i know trackmasters made a lot of good beats but if you look at the mr.smith booklet it says for doin it produced by rashad smith and also inside the aint nobody single, not sure bout the loungin remix though
  4. i just got one question i was wondering if anyone could help me out wit it? does anybody have any news or some info on Rashad Smith for Tumbling Dice productions? all the LL fans in here should know him...hes produced great beats such as Doin' It, Ain't Nobody and the Loungin remix...theres plenty of others as well, i was just wondering if anybody knew if hes still producing at the moment and going to produce anything on the upcoming Todd Smith album? also whats cut creator up to these days...i remember him being with LL on a live performance of Paradise back in 2002 but havent seen or heard anything about him since Thanks!!
  5. i just got attacked 48 or 49 times as well over the weekend, forgot to set it on vacation mode how come i cant attack some people it says that my army is too small or too big to attack this user
  6. i agree with you turntable...and i love the LL that came on G.O.A.T, it was original street LL, thats my favourite album of his ever and i hope he continues to come like that.....but 10 was filled with rnb joints and definition was more club type songs especially with timbaland producing a lot of songs on that album....im not sure what to expect on his new album but from what ive heard so far he has a lot of different flavors on that one :lolsign:
  7. thanks for this LL interview...hes definetely become more modest since the GOAT if you listen to that album you can definetely see hes different back then
  8. i forget you was gonna reset this, anyway im back in it.....i know you disabled gettin gold from posting which is good, but apart from attacking people which i cant do yet...ive only got 1 mace lol....how do you gain gold?
  9. i reckon we should reset this game now and start ober with the new settings
  10. let me get my questions ready...and like tim said can you elaborate a bit? alright depending on when and if he will get this: Hey Will.....Could you tell us, since you have like 6 months off between movies, if you will do a World tour with Jazzy jeff, or a Uk one at least. Also could you tell us a bit more about the new upcoming compilation album you have.....will there be a track with you and LL on there? One last question.........will you and DJ Jazzy Jeff come out with a new album...you know straight up JJFP
  11. it got random last nite i can tell you that!!
  12. thanks for the news...cant wait for Todd Smith to drop and Lauryn Hills new one...even thought thats in 2007!!! it looks like the return of the magnificent is not coming out within the year then :damnyou: :damnyou:
  13. thats quite a lot off of one person...well for me it is, so it must be even more for julie
  14. thanks man....ill try to make make for 10 on sunday
  15. brilliant.....im going to have to get in to these podcasts...how do i do that?
  16. what song is this? JJFP - I wanna rock (jazzy jeff remix)
  17. and you joe.......... :lolsign: :lolsign:
  18. nice wanted poster you got there....very plain and simple, it brings out the effect more
  19. good topic here dkny2kx..........i think so fresh, it has that chilled out, laid back vibe and FP rhyming and Jazzy on the wheels of steel
  20. yes im finally catching up! well im still way behind you guys, but im tryin to build up my attack and defence....oh and prince, those guys are 1 and 2 because theyve got the best attack...so you'll have to build up your defence fast if you wanna survive
  21. and julie you tried to attack me to get the money back right.... :lolsign: :lolsign:
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