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  1. EMINEM+DIDO-"Stan" Even if I'm not an Eminem fan, I do like some of his songs.
  2. About a few years ago, there were reports in the media that Tintin was actually a homosexual. I know it's too far fetched but I swear I'm not lying. It actually made newspaper headlines that many people suddenly doubted Tintin's sexuality because it seems he never showed any interest in women. There was also another stupid news that Tintin was a Nazi. Sad, isn't it? It's just similar to the news where Spongebob Squarepants was slammed because he was considered gay as he held hands with Patrick most of the time and also because of the way he behaved in the cartoon. Twisted. ← Yes, it has been said Tintin was actually a homosexual but for my part I think he's just asexual. And I heard that Hergé (the cartoonist) had worked in a nazi newspaper but never heard that the character Tintin could have been a Nazi... lol anyways it's just a character!
  3. Personally, I don't understand german but thank you all the same!
  4. Thanks for the interest you manifest for the reviews I post ;-)
  5. Yes, I saw the images on TV... It's really horrible. I'm not sure the suicide bomber could be qualified of "HUMAN being"...
  6. A lot of reactions for the last reviews I posted!!! lol Otherwise, I've found another (good) review about "Lost and found": -in french: Snoop Dogg et Mary J. Blige sont les invités d'honneur du nouvel album de l'acteur-rappeur. "Lost And Found" est beaucoup plus orienté rap que ses prédécesseurs. Le début du nouveau millénaire ne fut pas une période bien agréable pour Will Smith au rayon musical. Après avoir essuyé un refus de la major Sony Music de signer un nouveau contrat d'enregistrement, l'artiste s'est tout bonnement tourné vers le concurrent direct, Universal Music, pour tenter de poursuivre son métier de rappeur. Il effectue donc son grand retour avec un neuvième album, "Lost And Found", qui lui a permis de réunir des artistes de renom sur la scène hip-hop et R&B américaine. Will Smith aurait-il profité de cette nouvelle aventure pour se transformer ? On serait facilement tenté de répondre positivement à l'écoute des 15 titres de l'album (dont un remix). L'Américain semble avoir travaillé son flow et sa voix, à tel point que son rap est devenu plus mordant qu'à l'accoutumée. Son ami Jazzy Jeff, que l'on avait aperçu à ses côtés dans la série Le Prince De Bel Air, fait une nouvelle fois partie de l'aventure. L'album est travaillé et les invités (Snoop Dogg et Mary J. Blige) y réalisent de très belles performances. source: http://www.musicactu.com/deliaGo/sorties/45616.html -the same review in (my) english: Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige are the guests of honour of the new album of the actor-rapper. "Lost And Found" is much more rap orientated than his predecessors. The beginning of the new millenium wasn't a very agreeable period for Will Smith as far as music is concerned. After having met with a refusal from the major Sony Music for signing a new recording contract, the artist quite simply turned towards the direct competitor, Universal Music, in order to try going on with his rapper work. So he makes his big coming back with a ninth album, "Lost and found", that permited him to gather famous artists from american hip-hop and R&B. Would Will Smith have taken advantage of this new adventure for changing? One would be easily tempted to answer positively hearing the 15 tracks of the album (that includes a remix). The American seems to have worked his flow and his voice, to such a point that his rap has become more piercing that it used to be. His friend Jazzy Jeff, that we had seen by his side in the series "The Prince from Bel-Air", is, once more, part of the adventure. The album is elaborate and the guests (Snoop Dogg and Mary J.Blige) make very beautiful performances.
  7. Why doesn't she download quick time software to install it on her computer? It's free!!! Here you can download it (for example): http://www.download.com/3000-2194-10002208.html P.S: For info, StacY Ann Ferguson is the girl of the band!
  8. A lot of the live 8 videos are downloadable here ( in particular, the black eyed peas...) : http://www.sonician.com/live8/list.html
  9. BLACK EYED PEAS+TIMBERLAKE: "where is the love?"
  10. I don't find the words to say what I feel.
  11. The whole Robbie Williams live 8 performance: http://s50.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0YXU4BM...EE33FW0YDC2LPGK (if that interests someone, you can also download his videoclips (for free) on this website: www.robbiewilliams.too.it ). Otherwise, as far as Mariah Carey live 8 performance is concerned, I found this page (but I don't understand what one has to do to download lol): http://www.torrentreactor.net/view.php?id=5129045
  12. OK, I have discovered that they cut some performances on M6... So, considering that new element, I would say that :FROM WHAT I SAW ON M6, he's the only one in London that made the crowd laugh ( the other artists were quite cold, no?).
  13. We Will Rock You : http://s33.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3V9TOVA...3V31W4AYC7H70GU Let Me Entertain You : http://s39.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=391RPJ3...RK39M8WLZ5L7QMC Feel : http://s42.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2D2I459...NS1GZR0AJ48M2ZK That's all I found on Internet for now. I read he also performed "angels", we didn't see that performance in France! Anyway, if I find more, I'll add here...
  14. Yeah this guy is crazy! He really is a great entertainer. And the crowd really appreciated his performance. And he's the only one in London that made the crowd laugh ( the other artists were quite cold, no?)... And yes his gig in Knebworth is just a-ma-zing!!! As far as Will is concerned, his speech was clever and moving. Otherwise, I only saw him perform "jiggy" and sincerely I didn't find it was a bad performance!
  15. In France, we only saw him perform "gettin' jiggy wit it"!!! Frustrating!
  16. I don't understand:I heard him say on TV that he tried to be a good ambassador of France abroad lol
  17. For France: one part of the live 8 from London : 14h50 to 15h45 on M6 live 8 from Paris: 17h40 to 20h45 on M6 and at 23h30 :the BEST moments of all the live8 on M6 (so normally I will see Will perform...).
  18. Whatever the truth is, it's meanness to say such things to the press!
  19. I like a lot this song too (even if I don't like the line "like wine you got finer with time"...).
  20. I hope your aunt will get well again. And yes, prayers can't hurt anyway...
  21. I watched this video. What he says is nearly as much worrying that the background music!!!
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