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  1. you should use this one (100%free and simple to use): dBpowerAMP Music Converter To download it, go here: http://www.dbpoweramp.com
  2. sad information... I will send him an e-mail of support (even if I never heard of him) since he accepts e-mails from fans (and from the others I guess)... Here is his e-mail, if you want to do the same thing: Rich@RichCronin.com
  3. Yes, 500 original CDs, it's a lot... But, just by curiosity, can you tell me: Since how many months/years do you download music? How many CDs did you download? And how many original CDs did you buy since you download? P.S: I'm not from the police... Whoa... that's hard to say! I only got internet since 2 years... so before I couldn't download any albums but I got some copies from other people, my friends and so on! I don't know exactly how much I download but I buy at least 5 CDs per month... but it could be more! Sometimes it could be more than 10, I often cop old CDs on eBay or Amazon because they aren't so expensive then! But I also didn't download everything that I haven't original... I still get music from my friends, so we share our stuff! It's really hard to say how much I exactly buy and download but I spend much money on CDs although I'm able to download them! And I really would love to get everything original but this is simply not possible! I'm just a music junkie and I need to have new music all the time but I don't have enough money to buy every album that I wanna have! Wow...You download and buy at the same time at least 5 CDs per month! It's OK. You can keep on downloading. You have my benediction!!!!!
  4. You all need a consultation with Dr Freud!!!!
  5. Yes, 500 original CDs, it's a lot... But, just by curiosity, can you tell me: Since how many months/years do you download music? How many CDs did you download? And how many original CDs did you buy since you download? P.S: I'm not from the police...
  6. Money doesn't equal happiness, hopefully. Ask to Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain etc. But it helps. No doubt.
  7. I, I never use peer to peer. I would feel guilty. Even if I only downloaded dead artists.
  8. I found this on internet. I think it will help you: To have your computer scanned for viruses, just visit www.antivirus.com/ (its free). If you want an explanation first, read http://www.antivirus.com/free_tools/ and www.antivirus.com/vinfo/ ). If not, just click on this link to http://housecall.antivirus.com/housecall/start_pcc.asp and HouseCall will immediately begin the process of checking your computer for viruses. Try not to get alarmed when it starts running automatically (via an ActiveX control) after you click on this link. Be patient for a few minutes even if HouseCall takes a while to load its web page and download its free virus checking program. Select the hard drives you want scanned for viruses. I do not select AUTO CLEAN because I want to examine the construction of any virus found. Relax and read a book while Housecall scans all the files on the hard drives you select. HouseCall will display its report after it finishes scanning your hard drive. If HouseCall finds a virus on your computer, do not push the panic button. Just calm down and read HouseCall's explanations about the virus it found and how you can remove the virus from your computer (I removed one). If you have time, read www.guardcentral.com/ about computer security
  9. bea321


    ...And yes, I think also that it's a great track... (it's me above, I always forget to log in before posting!).
  10. bea321


    To bagotrasho:thanks a lot but I think you won't find the lyrics on internet. I have already looked for them and...nothing. In fact, I hoped someone among you had bought the album... To make things clear, I bought the album and there aren't the lyrics so I don't understand everything he says(I'm french)... But do you think I could send you the mp3 tracks of the album by PM? Is it possible? And would you be OK for sending me the lyrics of the songs (well, what you understand at least...)? But there would be another problem: I don't have high-debit (I don't know what's the word in english), I have a slow connection to internet and I can go on internet for only a few hours by month... Do you know if it takes a long time to send mp3 in that case? Because I just don't know, I'm hopeless as far as computer science is concerned... Otherwise, there's a song from this album that you can download on internet for free. If you could send me already the lyrics of this song, it would be GREAT. For downloading the song, go to http://timaresproductions.com and click on "music". The track is "Culture Shock" (by Johnny Five). But if you don't want to help me, there's no problem of course :-) I would understand. To Jin: yes, he is the guy who has parts one of charlie chaplins former famous songs in his own. Have you heard this track ("modern times") and if yes, what do you think of it? To mfugua23: the J-five I'm talking about is one person, not a group. Thanks all the same! But he has also a group called the "dusty white". Here you can download three of their tracks: http://www.dustywhitemusic.com (By the way, if somebody would send me the lyrics of the songs:"carry on" and "on my own", it would be cool because I don't understand everything also to these songs!)
  11. bea321


    THANK YOU ALL THE SAME! I know that he is not very famous in the USA...
  12. bea321


    because I NEED the lyrics of his second album called "summer"...
  13. Hi everybody! I'm new here. And my first question (by the way, I don't know if I should ask this question in the off-topic!) will be: who is Larry Elder? Please, answer!
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