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  1. Songs about Bush and Katrina: http://o-dub.com/sounds/soulsides/kotix.mp3 http://o-dub.com/sounds/soulsides/mosdef.mp3 SOURCE:http://soul-sides.com/
  2. I'll post the translation tomorrow.
  3. The article also doesn't say that he's guilty... But not so fast... UCI said it was still “awaiting plausible answers” to its requests to WADA and the laboratory. “We deplore the fact that the long-established and entrenched confidentiality principle could be violated in such a flagrant way without any respect for fair play and the rider’s privacy,” it said. No bias huh... This wasn't even done in respect to protocol... And we still haven't seen documents... ← Well, I don't see where is the problem... Some samples turned out to be positive, it's just normal that the results are disseminated in the press... The journalists are paid to give informations and they did it. No matter who agreed to make the results public... As long as what is said in the press is the truth... Of course, "Lance Armstrong" is the only name that has been given in the press although some samples of other cyclists were also positive. And it's true that it's unfair but it's not a "witch hunt"... The guy turns paranonoiac... And you will probably see the documents soon I guess... P.S: you really have no opinion about Emma and the butler? In any case, they aren't french, you can't accuse them of being biased... Besides, even Greg Lemond has more than doubts about the innocence of Lance...
  4. To Hero1:the struggle against doping is a reality but it's not easy to detect the drugs... The cyclists who take drugs are always ahead of the laboratories that control them... To reborntoreign: human beings don't always rationnaly... It's human nature... To Maxfly: your article doesn't say he is innocent... By the way, did you read the articles I indicated? What do you think of "Emma" and of the butler of Armstrong? They are just compulsive liars? Is it so hard to face facts?!?
  5. We know he used EPO in 1999. Why would he have stopped using such drugs suddenly for the next tours ??? In addition, read that: http://www.wacotrib.com/sports/content/sha...40105lance.html Personally, I don't believe in the theory of a plot! And here are the best extracts of the book "L.A Confidentiel, les secrets de Lance Armstrong" (it's in french and it's highly interesting and sometimes quite touching I must say): http://www.lexpress.fr/info/sciences/dossi....asp?ida=428157 http://www.lexpress.fr/info/sciences/dossi....asp?ida=428159 http://www.lexpress.fr/info/sciences/dossi....asp?ida=428160 http://www.lexpress.fr/info/sciences/dossi....asp?ida=428161 And to finish, you should read that (also in french): http://www.lexpress.fr/info/sciences/dossi....asp?ida=434552
  6. It's good but just a question:why not writing that in Dutch? It would be more simple!
  7. 1/ I'm not a guy! 2/ I regret you are misinformed. For those who want to open their eyes: http://www.velonews.com/news/fea/8748.0.html http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/06/14/...l?from=storylhs
  8. Maybe (I love that song), Willow is a player, I gotta go home, Twinkle Twinkle (I'm not a star), Ain't no place like home, Potnas, No more, So fresh, The rain, Chasing forever, Candy, Don't say nothin', Y'all know
  9. hey bea, the correct word in English is "translate" not traduce. i know that the French word is probably taduce because i've taken Spanish and in spanish it's "traducir" and Spanish and French can be similar at times. thats just a word to add to ur vocabulary :dope: ← lol...No, the french word is "traduire" but I studied Spanish too so...
  10. Could one kind soul (or more) help me to understand the lyrics of a song? PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. It's a song of J-five (you remember the american rapper -unknown in the US- I talked to you about a few time ago?). I have searched for translations in french of the song but they are all ( btw, I only found two translations) real real bad so your help would be really appreciated. I swear I won't bore you with this guy afterwards. Pro-mised. I have put in heavy type what I don't understand. If you could tell me what he says with other english words or in french (I understand approximate french), it would be really cool! Last thing: If someone needs help to understand a french song, I'm here! MODERN TIMES And it's a, talent most people should learn How to Make you laugh without saying a word People have to yell nowadays to get heard But Charlie was the man and that man could turn, Serious, into delirious, he had A myriad of ways to paint a smile, and, Every woman in the house went oooh If they wanted to act they better act on cue so He kicked the game go figure Had no time for gold diggers The mack daddy of the 1930s, I'm Kicking back on the couch watching modern times One more time Raise'em up Hold that thought I got a vision it's intense I want a globe I can bounce off of peoples heads And when the earth starts shaking people will commence In a laughter without one word being said Does anybody here wants to hear my voice Or is silence the golden choice He kicked the game go figure Had no time for gold diggers The Mack daddy of the 1930s I'm Kicking back in my couch, watching modern times One more time Ladies and gentlemen Can you hold the applause, the show is about to begin P.S: If someone is interested by watching the video of this track, it's here: http://www.jfivemusic.com/www/videos/modern_times_mov.mov
  11. Thank you! I will traduce the interview in english.
  12. http://www.ericzpage.com/Tracks/Kanye%20We...czPage.Com).mp3 P.S: If you want to thank somebody, thank the creators of Google!
  13. It is a beautiful homage to your dog! Congratulations!
  14. Hey, there are still a few faults (I think)!: be with you SOMEHOW FEELINGS inside think to MYSELF reach HER about HER THEN I know my pain worths it (not "is worth it") No?? Well, I can be wrong... lol
  15. Yes, if you have the interview, feel free to post it!
  16. UPDATE: actually, the link I indicated above is useless:the page was shut down... I hadn't verify the link... Sorry!
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