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  1. Tom is a good actor but he irritates me when he talks about his sect (in France the church of scientology is considered like a sect, not a religion ). And I remember him answering to a journalist who told him "what do you say to people who think you are in a sect?"... "They can't understand..." with a earnest air... The fact is the celebs who are in sects are not mistreated by these sects. Of course, because it's a great advertisement hoarding for them. They only know a cool, brighten side... But I guess that the "normal" people are just indoctrinated and swindled... So Tom all in all you are right : for my part, I can't understand you're so naive !!!
  2. Hey it's JJFP "Potnas", btw I got on KRS-ONE "The Only One", nice song about his wife ←
  3. lol... I have this cd too!!! WILL SMITH - "potnas"
  4. I had heard the boss of his label was implied in the murder but it seemed to me so amazing I just couldn't believe it!...
  5. Talking about Tupac, do you know who killed him? And why?
  6. I've found two french reviews that I translated in english (in my imperfect english): 1/Review from "Le Nouvel Observateur" (a french magazine) -the review in french: Will Smith: «Lost and Found» (Interscope Records/Polydor). Révélé au début des années 90 dans la célèbre série «Le Prince de Bel Air» sous l'oeil attentif de Quincy Jones, Will Smith continue à tisser sa toile entre hip-hop et comédie. Pas étonnant qu'il ouvre son album par un clin d'oeil avec la célèbre mélodie de «Spider Man» intitulé: «Here he comes». Mais dès le deuxième titre «Party Starter», il nous rappelle qu'il a baigné dans le rap new-yorkais depuis sa plus tendre enfance. «Switch» garde presque la fraîcheur de l'album «Rock the house» réalisé avec DJ Jazzy Jeff, en 1987. Le son est brut, urbain, version old School, même si les propos et la voix ne sont pas agressifs. Après «Mr. Niceguy», une sorte d'auto parodie, il retrouve sa voie avec»Lost & Found». Toutes ses bonnes intentions expliquent pourquoi le label de DR Dre et Eminem a cautionné l'opus où l'on retrouvent des pointures du rap tel Snoop dog sur «Pump Ya Brakes». La reine du R'N'B Mary J .Blige lui donne aussi la réplique sur le titre «Tell me why». Le premier album solo de Will Smith «Big Willie style» est sorti dans les bacs en 1997. Il avait connu un gros succès populaire grâce notamment à «Men in black» le tube extrait de la bande originale du film. Depuis cette date, l'acteur a souvent interprété la BO des films dont il est la vedette principale. Avec cet opus, il renoue avec un hip-hop moins commercial source: http://archquo.nouvelobs.com/cgi/articles?...t.nouvelobs.com -the same review in english: Will Smith: "Lost and Found" (Interscope Records/Polydor). Revealed at the beginning of 1990's in the famous series "The Prince from Bel Air" under the Quincy Jones attentive eye, Will Smith goes on weaving his linen between hip-hop and comedy. It's not surprising he opens his album by a wink with the famous melody from "Spider Man" entitled: "Here he comes". But as early as the second track "Party Starter", he reminds us he has steeped in the rap from New-York since his infancy. "Switch" almost keeps the freshness of the album "Rock the house" realised with DJ Jazzy Jeff, in 1987. The sound is rough, urban, version old school, even if the subjects and the voice aren't agressive. After "Mr Nice Guy", a kind of self-parody, he rediscovers his road with "Lost and found". All his good intentions explain why the Dr Dre and Eminem label supported his work in which we find important rap artists like Snoop dog on "Pump Ya Brakes". The R'N'B queen Mary J Blige is also present on the track "Tell me why". The first solo album from Will Smith "Big Willie Style" released in 1997. It had known a huge popular success notably thanks to "Men in black", the hit song from the movie original band. Since this date, the actor has often interpreted the original bands of the movies in which he is the main star. With this album, he comes back with an hip-hop that is less commercial. ___ 2/ Review (that is really very laudatory) from a french website about rap (www.rap2k.com) : -the review in french: http://www.rap2k.com/news_13019.html (Note:I tried to copy the article here but that doesn't work so you have to go on the site in question if you want to read the review in french...). -the same review in english: Lost And Found Will Smith, published par Sagittarius Fresh Will It's the piece of introduction "Here he comes" on the air of the Spiderman's theme that inspired me for the introduction of my comment. Because, since the beginning, everything is said : Will Smith is the king of the feast, a cool and festive rapper, veteran of hip-hop who despises people who criticize him violently and who notes that he has forsaken hip-hop for movies, that he can't rap etc... It's not his Cesar of Honour and his millions of $ of fee that will stop him. Because what's the use of making a disc if you already earn your living well? To find your place again. After "Party Starter", we mix then with "Switch", a hit song produced by Kwame. Contrary to his former albums, Will tests his renovated flows on some bangers at one and the same time modern, old schools almost innovative. Grilled samples be damned! The rhythm is excellent and the sounds are fresh ("I Wish I Made That/ Swagga", "If You Can't Dance (Slide)", the rock "Wave'em Off"). Of course it remains dancing rap "to live it up" but who will complain about that? We will also thank Timbaland for his participation with "Pump Ya Brakes" feat Snoop Dogg. What will surprise some people, that's the pieces that draw from rap almost conscious. He gently puts Eminem in his place on "Mr Nice Guy", he practises "storytelling" on "Loretta" making efforts concerning writing. Mention "good" also for "Tell Me Why", reinforced by the choruses of Mary J Blige. In any case, Will Smith is brilliant and replaces things. A very good surprise from the new artist Interscope via Geffen, that a lot of people under-estimate just thinking about his name. Incontestably, "Lost and found" remains the best solo album from Will Smith, much more personal and honest, effective and dancing that his "Big Willie Style" and his mediocre successors. Of course he won't reach the tops he already reached but listening to this disc in this period of rap surfing on the mainstream, sex and money, it makes feel very good. The sleeve is also terrific! Note: 14/20 ---------------------------- Don't you think these both reviews are great? Not the slightest derogatory word about the album "Lost and found"!!! (and I swear I didn't falsify the translations lol). In addition, the guy who wrote the second review has also made reviews about "Big Willie Style", "Homebase" and "The Magnificient" and he gave the respective notes: 12/20 ; 15/20 and ... 20/20!!! This guy has good taste, right? Oh and what's funny is he also made a review about the album "The massacre" from 50 c**t. He gave him the note 14/20 but concludes like that (I translated) : "The audience who was expecting for a bomb will find it mediocre, contrary to people who will find it quite satisfying if they were expecting a disc without any interest. In fact, if 50 cent has lost a lot of street credibility, to sell his product is always what he does the best." (!!!) ...
  7. OK, thank you very much for your reply!!! It's cool! Otherwise, I heard the track. It's...fiya lol
  8. Can somebody tell me what does the word "fiya" mean? Please. I know a song that has "fiya" as a title and I have always wondered what it meant...
  9. The destiny's child did (made?) a TV show in France last year called "star academy" (an emission for disvovering new talents in music...). They sang "survivor" with a girl called "Hoda". You can download the video for free if you want... If you are interested: 1/go to http://www.hoda-web.com/index_web.php 2/click on "vidéos" 3/click on "13/11/04-"Survivor" avec les Destiny's Child-Prime" 4/under the picture, it's written "(Faire un clic droit, puis enregistrer sous.) ICI." You just have to click on "ICI"... Normally, the downloading begins... Then enjoy!
  10. I think you made the right decision. And, to me, animals, like people, really die only when you forget them...
  11. It's not bad at all but I don't understand everything. If someone could post the lyrics, it would be really great...
  12. Elvis Presley vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation
  13. I don't like Bush for the fact he doesn't want to adopt the protocol of Kyoto, for the fact that he is in favor of death penalty, of the free circulation of arms, for the fact he privileges the richest... I probably forget some other reasons lol As far as Iraq war is concerned, I'm divided... I mean if I lived in a dictatorship, I would quite like the idea that somebody in the world would be interested by my lot and would liberate me... Sometimes, using force is necessary to bring freedom and democracy... In France, everybody said Bush attacked Iraq for oil but I prefer believing it was by idealism. If not, it would be really too cynical...
  14. Sincerely sorry to hear that.
  15. Who the hell made you believe that? P.S:I'm kidding...
  16. CORNEILLE "Parce qu'on vient de loin"
  17. I hope the veterinarian will perform a miracle.
  18. "my baby just cares for me" Nina Simone
  19. Hey, I understand that you think the french song was rubbish... Do I misunderstand????
  20. "don't phunk with my heart" from the black eyed peas. Cool song... P.S:WITHOUT ANY INTEREST(you are informed):the black eyed peas made a TV show lately in France called "tout le monde en parle" (presented by Thierry Ardisson and a humorist called Laurent Baffie). And I don't know if you know but Apl de Ap has or had -don't remember exactly- eyes problems and the funny thing is L.Baffie managed to make him believe during a few seconds that he (Apl de Ap) was wearing a blue pullover. It was green in reality... Very funny moment...
  21. Fortunately, people from USA have to respect down speed limits!!! The Americans didn't already adopt the protocol of Kyoto whose aim is reducing the rejections of greenhouse effects gas although they are responsible for 21% of the worldwide emissions of these gas (I feel obliged to precise I'm not making dumb anti-americanism, these are facts lol). If they could drive faster, they would reject much more CO2 in the atmosphere (one of the gas in question) that causes in particular the thawing of polar glaciers. And beyond the fact it wouldn't be very cool for the polar bears, it is said that the thawing of polar glaciers could even stop the gulf stream that warms the Atlantic up. It would be more cold in Europe and I know you don't care but I-live-in -Europe!!! Otherwise, like Will, people driving all fast get me kinda upset... In France, on highways, the limit speed is 130 and it's really too much to my way of thinking (and driving).
  22. I can't believe he was shot outside a movie scene. Who dared make an attempt on Will's life?!!!
  23. In France, they show FBoBA 0 time a week. We survive... P.S:When it was showed, voices were dubbed.
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