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  1. Will is Ill I'm lettin u know we aint friends on stage, I'm about to put u on a leash and throw u in a cage, I'ma treat you like my pet, make you sit down n ****, I control ur destiny and what u do with it, Will is Ill needs to Chill, I'm sure he regrets, Entering this battle bc losing he cannot accept, , Your'e gonna be on the site you're whole life and amount to nothing, Waitin' for that telephone call but yet you hear no ring, Just bc you won the Freestyle Partner Battle doesn't mean you're nice, You make bad decisions, u take bad advice, One thing would be entering this battle, What the hell? When you lose we'll keep it on the low, I won't tell, You should be lucky they put me against you, You won't waste your time, Line after line, Rhyme after Rhyme, You don't have to worry my child you'll always be my son, Just know that this battle was over before it even begun.
  2. Renegade Tim is gonna be out before the battle even starts.......
  3. ~hey ****y fresh chick * check this out * ~ "Sometimes I wonder if these people will get a life Just sitting in front of the computer and feeling the strife" ______________________________________________________________________________ How many times do I have to tell you? Once twice or three times?, Make some damn sense while you type your rhymes, Now we have F.F.C who said we're on the computer all the time, Check how many posts you have and then check mine, I don't need 20 lines to get my point across, After you read the first line you knew who was the f*ckin boss.
  4. Yall takin' this to serious, It doesn't mean ****, Wait till the unofficial battle, I'm walkin away with it, I'm the king and all yall are my maids, This funky fresh chick needs to go somewhere and get laid, This sh*t should come to an end bc it will never stop, All yall need to get ready for the next battle so I can make my way to the top, I'm settin' yall up to lose, you might as well just quit, Hero 1 can't even see me he should just lose it, Tryin to diss me, make fun of me and leave me in ruins, You got over one thousand posts on this site and I don't see you improvin', How could you be the administrator and be the wackest one?, How could you rap seriously and me rap for fun? Read your lines out loud, listen to the flow, There somethin weird about it somethin' in there needs to go, Lets see if you listen to me and take my advice, Don't comeback wit that bullsh*t bc you may get dissed twice.
  5. Looks like Concept and I started a riot, Looks like everyone is after us so we'll abide by it, This is for Renagade, thanks for not writin a whole rhyme, I couldn't stop laughin' after I read the first line, You tryin' to start another battle, You're not finished with this, But if I was you, I'd be tired of gettin dissed, You don't belong here, you're still a Lil Willie, Use your thinkin cap c'mon don't be silly, Since I'm on the 'lil willie' subject, we'll talk about 'JP', Talkin' about verbs and nouns, dogs and pussy, The only p*ssy you've ever seen is when you look in the mirror, If you were f*ckin a girl you probably couldn't even hear her, You probably take baby strokes with that lil piece of meat, I've just gotten started you ain't seen the heat, KBFprince keep watchin' basketball, This rap **** ain't workin' for you, not at all, While you're watchin' basketball, change your name, I'd prefer KBFprincess, KBFprince is lame, It doesn't match you, not your personality, Not your rap game either, nothin' works see? The only alternative is to sweep you off stage, I've got the broom, Concept has the Cage, This is like the Apollo, every1 is yellin 'Boo', No1 wants to hear, see, or think about you, Looks like this bird is in his cage, Concept take him away, I don't want to hear 1 word for him after today, Renegade Tim needs to Renovate Tim, His flow sounds a bit off someone please correct him, I've had enough of you unexperienced rappers, your career stops now, Thats all folks, I think i'll take a bow.
  6. J-o-e looks like my man Concept made a fool of you, all I have to say is d*amn All of those garbage lines you wrote, get thrown in the trash can, And for "KBFPRINCE", My rhymes are rich not 'poor', I thought I was just bustin J-o-e's a*s, Well there's room for more, As you can see it took J-o-e 50 lines, bc he was so upset, He wishes he never challenged me, Thats his 4th regret, He's has lost 4 times and has failed to accept, There's no messin' with GScotty and d*mn sure not with Concept, KBFPrince is like the toilet seat that I'm about to piss on, J-o-e follows him bc I'm about to sh*t on him, You better think real hard before you type your next rhyme, Concept and I need new competition stop wastin' our time.
  7. Yo Jerk-Off-Everday, Guess who's back, My rhymes are authentic not that bull sh*t that you call "whack" You know you lost before just admit, Just be a real man bc you know you quit, I fought you to the point where you just gave up, Havent seen "Punjabi" in a while oops I mean your man "Bracesup", After my last rhyme I never heard from you before, As soon as I post somethin new you come back for more, You're like a nat that follows me around, trying to rid of me, But yet you realize how impossible it has come to be, Ill have you scared for life, hearin sh*t you never heard before, I'll have you runnin' from this site J-o-e there will be no more, You're at a disadvantage this is a win-win situation, My advice to you is to not choose this as your occupation, You don't have Bracesup to bail you out anymore, It's just Me vs. You, you chose to open that door, You better write your rhymes down before you type, Whoever sees this battle don't believe the hype, I know Joe's got yall thinkin' that he can spit and that he can rhyme, Well his conscience made a bad decision he should have listened the first time, One side was saying, Don't f*ck wit GScotty, The other side was sayin'battle him he's nobody, We'll see who's real when this comes to an end, Well we already know who's real and who's tryin to pretend. :thumbdown:
  8. anyone can join and start this battle
  9. you are the best rapper on the face of the planet and my inspiration hahaha
  10. lil gizzle... can you freestyle? We should battle.
  11. Bracesup look at the polls, W.I.I. is winning, Don't talk sh*t to him this is only the beginning, We got a fars ways to go before this battle is done, Stop claimin' that yall beat us when we already won, Yes he had to write an essay about you, There so much to talk about and so much to do, Like takin' "Sid" out, and his boy Joe, We're havin so much fun you don't even know, You think you may have got us, when you really fell short, You need to leave like James Bond, and "Mission Abort," You're lost, your dead, you're gone with the wind, I got things to do, time to spend, This can go on and on, I dont give a sh*t, BC I know you and Joe can't deal with it, So "Sid" you're twenty-two, I bet you practice abstinence, I bet you've been arrested for obtaining an illegal substance, You're probably wondering why I'm bringing this up, Well I'll tell you "Sid" a.k.a Bracesup, When you rap, you sound like you're really on somethin', I could be wrong, you may be on nothin', But the scale is further to the left to the right, Which means that I'm not wrong, I'm right, Don't f*ck wit us, we'll only bring you down, You ain't sh*t but a joke, and a f*ckin clown, You don't belong here, you belong in the circus, Keep messin' wit us, one day you'll thank us, We're like your parents, we keep you on the right path, We can't believe that our son's a psychlopath, You probably still live at home, you don't have your own place, Your dad and mom probably pity you when they look at your face, Sid, I'll tell you, again and again, This is the beginning of this battle we are far from the end. Byes B*tch Byes B*tch :thumbsdown:
  12. I respect you more J-o-e, you aren't lettin' go, My job now is, to let you know, Who the mothaf*ckin boss is, I think you forgot, Yall didn't when ****, you just created a plot, Against me, because yall can't win nothin', Will Is Ill showed you up again aint' that somethin, I see you butt buddies like to double team, Its hilarious, intriguing, It's not even mean, You didn't win guys so don't get the wrong impression, I'm a winner not a loser, I rap to perfection.
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