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  1. Sorry, but: "Ahhh, this tin foil on my Big Willie feels so cold!" :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious:
  2. Dammit, Just the two of us is one of the most original, amazing, astounding, miraculous, remarkable, startling, sensational, stupendous music, that has ever been created... :peace: It beats mocking bird in every point !!! :ali:
  3. i was wondering why the title was changed. Did he do anything else but changing the name? Hope not, because I didn't reckognized that he wiped out a lot of the Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince forums like reborn2reign told.
  4. Well 18 points is more than 4 and the 20th place better than the last :laugh2: yeah a conspiracy of all the eastern European countries :lolsign: or from whom got greece all the points
  5. Norway? Can't remember that act, but I also switched to another show when some of the acts were on. Who sang for norway? @Julie: I also thought UK wasn't bad. What position did UK made again? But I think the guys from Moldova (with the granny) were ok, better than some others. Actually I didn't like most of the songs with all the drums and almost every song had drums (expect base drums of course) :cwm:
  6. Yesterday the Eurovision song contest was aired and Greece won. so congratulations to the winner!! Are some Greek JJ+FP Fans on the board? In my opinion I think the guy from Denmark with "Talking to you" was better, but I knew that a girl would win. Who did see it as well and who did you like best? Oh, and thanks that Germany got the last place (i'm happy even if i'm from germany), because Gracia can't sing very well and she and her producer get all back what they did by buying cd's to get into the charts. That wasn't fair and she didn't deserve to sing for Germany.
  7. I read that it is supposed to be a comedy, similar to "Monsters, Inc." just with real characters and not animated.
  8. It was supposed to be aired in germany too, actually all over the world, but i didn't see it on mtv yet.
  9. Oh thanks. I guess in germany they pronounce his name like Tyrece or it just sounds like that to me. I'm smarter now :ideagone: and also welcome :wavey:
  10. Oh thanks. I guess in germany they pronounce his name like Tyrece or it just sounds like that to me. I'm smarter now :antlers:
  11. thank you!! Just downloading it. :thumb: I'm looking forward to the dance :dance:
  12. I think so too - it is not that bad. Switch dropped one position, but in the third week it made 5 positions good!!!! That's great.
  13. yeah I heard that switch dropped to 8, but cool that it could make up two positions again. And that L&F is number 14 is great too :thumb: It could get into the top ten !!!! What am I saying, it will!!!!!!!!!!
  14. yeah in other movies or tv shows i also sometimes see such mistakes. But we're human beings and do mistakes. but it is funny to see. I think I even saw a mistake in hitch.
  15. lately i saw the episod "Hilary Gets A Life" (in German: Beruf für die Prinzessin), where Hilary gets a job as a party organizer. Will and his friend Tyrece have to help her out. I don't know how often I have seen that episod, but this time i reckognized that the cutters did a mistake. First you see Tyrece with an apron, then there is a cut to hilary, then you see Tyrece without an apron. First I thought he took it off, but after a shot to hilary, he has the apron back on again. Funny, what you can see, if you just look very closely. :wiggle: Did you see that too?
  16. I just read at a german site, that Will is going to produce a movie called "Monster Hunter". Kevin James is supposed to play the main part - a children psychologist, who can see monsters and chases them away. Robert L. Baird und Daniel Gerson wrote the script. Sounds like a nice comedy.
  17. Nah, c'mon Turntable! Your English is great and if you still don't like, there are lotta people here that speak German though! :peace:
  18. Hmm, so it's my turn now. I think you hardly (and probably don't want to :kekeke: ) know anything about be, so I sum up a little stuff bout me: I'm 19 years old (boy, btw :P) and come from Germany, so I was born, when JJ and FP came together. :peace: I finished my school last year and now I'm about to study chemistry at the university. I'm a big fan of Will and Jazz since the FPOBA was aired on German television the first time, which should have been around 1995 or something like this! So I just got to know the second half of his career "live", but I bought all of the CDs from the first one and daaamn like it !!! :thumb: I'm really into music, so listening to and rapping along with Will's trax is really dope! I also do lotta music writing, but not such of that kind, but more classic and just instrumental. I play the trumpet since 7 years and am the leader of a brass band (therefore the writings). My second bis hobby is playing volleyball (hope the weather gets beachvolleyball-compatible soon...)! :dancingcool: Yeah, last but not least my third hobby: Posting in this forum, a real addiction! :wiggle: Lotta greetz from Germany
  19. hint: "if you put your hand too low, it says:"
  20. Hope she's as strong as Anastacia and gets over it too !!!
  21. Yo, here's a pic of Rikiya Koyama, Will's japanese dubber in Ali and Bagger Vance! Way betta lookalike, ay!? :thumb:
  22. Here is another audio file of "Will's voice", if you're interested in DaBrakes. LINK!
  23. Damn, the Germans are dubbing REALLY EVERY movie but still got one of the highest rates of unemployment...strange! :hilarious: :confused3:
  24. Yeah, but what about the movies? Same thing there!? :confused3: If not, does he always have the same dubber?
  25. Okay, I found a little German file with the "'nock your punkass down"-MIB scene :peace: http://rapidshare.de/files/1813102/NYPD.mp3.html
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