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  1. I like Will's mom (Vy Smith), but Jackie Ames (manager of The Peacock) is a real dope character.
  2. switch is for the first week in the charts and already number 4, maybe it climbs even higher. I also think that it will be hard for l&f to get into the top 10, but you never know.... We were all surprised about switch, maybe the same will happen with the album :dunno:
  3. The album got promo though. Posters with the date of the release, the cover and a pic of Will were printed and probably hung up in stores. So if switch already climbes without promo into the top 10 what will do L&F with promo?!! -> Number 1!!!
  4. Wasn't that from hitch, Alien? I'm not sure, but if it's right here is another quotation. If it's wrong just forget my post :blah: "Freeze means stop"
  5. Yeah, I also thought that where the day takes you is his first movie. Except the perfect date. But as i wrote that is only a Tv movie and where the day takes you was in the cinemas. I have also heard of the imagemaker, but i have no clue if will smith stars in it. Let's wait for AJs opionin, if all of you guys say that he knows for sure. Maybe someone should ask him
  6. sry again, "mimi" was da name :D
  7. :juskiddin: Sry Julie, that was just a joke! Everyone on this list deserves it! I loved Johnny Depp playin' Jack sparrow, that was god damn funny! :lolsign:
  8. Tom who...? :hilarious: Mel who...? :hilarious: Tom who...? :hilarious: Jonny who...? :hilarious: Will makes everyone forgetting such names! :peace:
  9. I'm working the whole day, but I'll spend the whole night helping you guys with this projekt! But before, here's the warning (catch): I'm German !!! :ohnoes:
  10. What happened to "When you hear a record on your radio station It?s probably gettin? played all through out the nation But we got lucky, ours is playin? Germany, France, Japan, Sweden, London, Italy So therefore, we had to go on tour City after city Encore, encore Bravo, bravo Sorry we gotta go We got other show tomorrow night in Reno"? A world-tour is the last wish my fan-heart's still missin', as I was about 2 years when these lyrics where written... :mad22:
  11. *lol* It's german! Nice site, keep on going! :thumb:
  12. Stevie Wonder is a great musician and I like him very much, but here's a little remind: Will and Stevie actually worked together on Wild Wild West, they even where together in the Video, but nevertheless they got a golden raspberry for it... :kekeke: But you know: Will must have an 'S' on his chest, he recovered from the Wild Wild West! :peace:
  13. maybe if we all vote he will make it this time!! He got my vote!
  14. "Tell me why" is one of the best songs ever written in the world, so everyone should get to know that masterpiece. So, releasing it as a single is the only right thing to do!
  15. :ditto: word up! + Just the two of us, tell me why and Loretta of course ;) :peace:
  16. I defenitely went for "Just The Two Of Us"! What he feels is what he raps...
  17. "the imagemaker" sounds familiar to me, was it shown in the movie theater? I guess some tv station has the rights to show the movie, but doesn't do it. And it is probably not out on video, because it is just a TV movie.
  18. Did you all know, that Will was starring in a 60 min long movie named "The Perfect Date" before he even was making FPOBA?! The movie is from 1990 and was only aired on TV. A comment by a user at imdb.com says: Will has a small part as a T-shirt vendor and it was his movie debut. I always thought Where the days takes you was his debut, guess not. Here's the link to imdb.com: The Perfect Date
  19. thanx man, i was looking out for it for a long time, but couldn't find it. :thumb:
  20. yeah, but i can't remember if they went from 0 to 4 in the charts?! I think they started low and then went into the top of the charts.
  21. Really? Which tv station was it on? I guess I have watch the commercials
  22. i've been there in April 2003 and I couldn't see his star
  23. Yeah, i was also kind of surprised, but i am happy!! I read it at a online newspaper. Here is the link!
  24. hey all of you, just wanted to tell you that Wills single that has been released a week ago in germany is number 4 in the single charts!! The official charts are going to be announced tomorrow, but I read this at a german hp. He went from 0 to 4!!
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