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  1. So, Tell Me Why defenitely will be the next single, but the video isn't made yet. I would like to know, how you imagine the video or how it should be! I defenitely would like a lyric-based video, whic means that verse 1 and every "why" should get an image or scene on the screen.
  2. Hmm, I never thought that annother Will-Song would become that successful! But when I heard the song, and watched the video, I knew this would become a hit. The only problem in my opinion is that Switch has much of a party-song that he critizices in Lost&Found, so that's the reason for the good selling. Somehow I think that Tell Me Why won't be that successful for that reason, although it's 1000times better! :mad8:
  3. Whassup with u guys? Isn't Will dubbed in your countries, or don't you know the dubber? Here's annother one of the German Jan Odle as kid :thumb:
  4. Yeah, he's kinda.........enormous :kekeke: ! I got 2 more pics of him, even if it doesn't seem to be him, he is:
  5. Bad Boys 2 :kekeke: "I just wanna grab some ass?"
  6. Hehe, don't forget giving him the packet of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious :kekeke: ! Bad Boys !!! "You were right. I was wrong. But this is not the time for the [i told you so] speech."
  7. Sorry, but the German Born 2 Reign doesn't have it neither :(
  8. WWW "People are smart, they can handle it."
  9. WWW "People are smart, they can handle it."
  10. This is a multicultural forum, so do you guys all know who's behind your dubbed Will Smith? If yes, show 'em to us! :peace: I did a little research for the German dubber of Will and found this: His Name is Jan Odle and dubbed Will in 90% of his movies since the first episode of FPOBA! :kekeke:
  11. Jepp, it was Bad Boys 1 and yours was I,Robot! :thumb: "Man, without me, you'd just be a mouth and a microphone."
  12. I think Will makes every movie and song being a hit! :peace: Without him I would say it was a miss and it would have deserved the 5 golden raspberrys! But what can I say? I'm a Willaholic so I found it great! :thumb:
  13. :lolsign: Yeah D-Money, it was meant to be a goog thing! I'll go for it: "Just bash the living **** out of it!"
  14. btw I read that his favorite curse word is dickhead. So sure, he curses in real life, but what's the matter?! And in tell me why he actually curses too. they just "peeped" the f-word, but everyone knows what he means...
  15. :beer: Sorry D-Money, you're always too fast ! :thumb: I guess it's Wild Wild West, but don't know how often it's said in the movie! ;) Still: "Now that's what I'm talking about!"
  16. that's the bab boys 1 opening scene, hilarious !!! :peace: "Now that's what I'm talking about!"
  17. **** Yeah :kekeke: Yeah we all swear! U guys don't know ''You Saw My Blinker Bit**!!!'' ? For sure u know, so... :werd: :confused3: I always thought he meant a female dog.... :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious:
  18. Did a little research, and in fact it's lieke that: Sterling was his half-brother and he died about 1995 as you just said by the time he was divorced. This and more your can find here: http://lavender.fortunecity.com/uplands/477/vibe.html
  19. It sounds like a man in midlife-crisis tries to imitate an teenager of the 80s... I'm glad the show is successful over there nevertheless! :kekeke:
  20. So D-Money, nobody wants to skip you :thumb: I think you mean MIB :peace: "Gonna get me some Champ Burgers"
  21. Here's what you're searching, just for you :wiggle: : Theme Song Just click FREE and wait til the countdown is done.
  22. It's Enemy of the State (Robert Dean wondering why he is been chased, as he doesn't know that he got the video of the murder) "Move your head inside this window, before I roll it up in there."
  23. So, the sweet kisses for Will were too fast again :toetap: It's I, Robot You got my quote
  24. But this time it's really EOTS :wiggle: "You use too much base in your voice."
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