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  1. Yeah, Hitch is really hell of a movie! Get some valium before u watch it, otherwise u would laugh to death! :hilarious:
  2. I'd go with the Grammy-Awards, so go for Big Willie Style and He's the DJ I'm the Rapper! They are really different from each other but defenitely comparable in Quality. :peace:
  3. Here is the complete video list: 1. Girls Ain't Nothin' But Trouble 2. Parents Just Don't Understand 3. Summertime 4. I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson 5. Boom! Shake The Room 6. I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) 7. Brand New Funk 8. Ring My Bell 9. I Wanna Rock Bonus Clip: Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of "Summertime" Running Time: 48:50 :afro:
  4. Just the two of us !!! Yeah, i musst confess: I'm one of the sensitve kind! :grouphug:
  5. Open U're eyes Jin! :fraggleno: MIIB is defenitely dope, yeah, it's real dope! I got the silver MIB+MIIB-Collectors-Box but I also watched it on Pro Sieben yesterday! I just couldn't miss my wristwatch being showed off on air. :hilarious: Yeah, you're right, I got one of the 2002 digital-watches made for the movie by hamilton :thumb: So, i'll make use of my noisy cricket next time anybody disses MI(I)B. :P (You know what NYPD means... :kekeke: )
  6. yeah... really great pics!!! Your right with the swimming, fan4ever! What would he have done, if he falled into the water :speechless:
  7. Strike! I really became a potna =D. Thx a lot and to everybody out there who's not a potna yet: It's really worth it! Lotta greetz from Germany :thumb:
  8. yeah your right, thanx for posting, because it's probably never airing in my country. So I hope to that there exists a audio or even better a video
  9. So I just post my collection, but how I already wrote rock the house and L&F is missing. Is that enough material to become a potna?
  10. Can i become a potna even if I am new at this forum? :confused: I got every album except Rock the house. And I have ordered L&F in the US. It's import, so it need a little longer to get here
  11. Sure I do, I got every record except rock the house. It's so hard to get it. Jeff rules!!!
  12. yeah she does look yound, but isn't that good for her age. she still looks sexy
  13. I got two more, but there he is alone on stage accepting his award
  14. hey I found a pic of Will , Jada and Willow at the Kid's choice awards. Here it is. Isn't willow cute?
  15. your damn right hero1, I would say too, that they should have seperated his acting and singing career. btw really cool page, I am a big fan of Will, but just now I found your page, I don't know why I haven't earlier. Respect!! :thumb:
  16. hey that are all really great videos, thanx for posting
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