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  1. Hitch (btw, wills face after the allergic reaction really reminds me of his face after the fight in "i think i can beat mike tyson"! you guys too?) "Ain't no Vietcong ever called me nigger!"
  2. Come on dude, don't forget to quote :poke: "Is that an earthquake?"
  3. jepp, the do :kekeke: The Italian are funny people... :hilarious:
  4. Sorry, I was too slow for Julie Thats Bad Boys 2, you still got my quote from the last post
  5. Made in America (got that be4) Hmm, "Wait, that was on Jeopary last night..."
  6. Fürth bei Nürnberg! :thumb: (Im diefsdn Frangnland sozusoong) :wiggle:
  7. Seems like you had the trigger on your "I", never heard of BBIII before! :lolbonk: "Now that's what I call a close encounter"
  8. :birthday: :bang: :antlers: Have a nice party man, Will made lotta tracks just for you and this moment on his new album ! :thumb: :urock: :partyfest: :jazzyinthehouse: :jeffspeeditup:
  9. That's Bad Boys! Sry, but I need to put this on now: "that's how you supposed to shoot! from now on that's how you shoot!!" (even easier) :kekeke:
  10. Wouldn't it be sad, if a man of 35 years had not more stuff to tell than he had got 20 years before!?
  11. Wasn't that Enemy of the state? If so: "Don't be alarmed, we're negros!" If not: :blabla:
  12. As they dubbed the FPOBA in Germany, I'm glad they didn't do it with the theme song, so its the original one over here. But I found this little file, contenting the song dubbed in Italian! Bad, worse, the worst, but fuuuuuny! :hilarious: Italian FPOBA theme song Got anyone annother language-version of the song?
  13. Bad Boys II (BTW, I love that clinch between the Bas Boys and the Puerto Ricans :hilarious: ) "How long does it take for a magnet to lose its power?"
  14. He's the DJ, I'm the rapper... Charlie Mack rulez! :hilarious:
  15. Sry, I put the last entry in the wrong topic. Nobody knows whic movie "Aight, I'm goin' in and put my thing down!" is? :confused3: Okay, here's a little hint: The answer he gets is: "Okay, go in and put your thing down!" :kekeke: Got it?
  16. No need to argue, lost and found is a great album with no wag track. Every song got something special and if someone misses the olschoolness, he got to keep one thing in mind: FP was one of the first rap stars in the world, so he was one of the inventors. Hip-Hop was like a house he built, which has now been destroyed during the last years (while he was building an new "movie-house") by other "rappers" that didn't get the real sense of it. Now it's time for him to rebuild it! But do you really think he should do annother old (school) house? Nowadays other issues have to be mentioned, other beats have to be put on, so other records have to be written! Which ones? You got all this on one litte CD: Get Lost&Found! :thumb:
  17. Yep, Boom is dope! I took me hours to learn that stutter-verse by heart with the right flow ! :hilarious: But I also liked WWW, never understood that 5-raspberry-drama (especially for the soundtrack)... :confused3: :ali:
  18. I voted for Switch. PS: Jiggy's great and Miami's hell of a great (and expensive :kekeke: ) video!
  19. Kidnapping is no solution! :hilarious: I mean, co-writers or no co-writers, does it matter? Actually the songs are great though! :thumb:
  20. *grrr* I hate coming too late... (and I also hate posting my reply in the wrong topic... :kekeke: ) Thy Lerkot !!!
  21. *grr* I hate coming too late... Thx Lerkot!
  22. Sup guys? JJ&FP wrote tons of rhymes, but with my 100. post I'd like to know, which one of them is your favorite? I think I like "They refer to me as soft. Yeah, more like Microsoft! Will Gates of the rap game..." and "I must have an S on my chest, I recovered from the Wild Wild West!" best! :hilarious:
  23. You're da man Lerkot !!! :peace:
  24. Yeah, you're right, it's "Oscar the Shark Slayer" !!! :thumb: "Aight, I'm goin' in an put my thing down!"
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