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  1. C'mon, it's italian, that includes a touch of gayness :lolsign:
  2. http://rapidshare.de/files/2250096/Willy_i...el_Air.mp3.html]Willy il principe de Bel-Air
  3. Great idea !!! :2thumbs: Hope we got no "Mrs. Holy Rollers" in here :chuks:
  4. ID4 :word: "You must have studied the whole D-section of the dictionary."
  5. guess they're all still sleeping :sleep2:
  6. Hmm, I guess he said something like that in I, Robot reminding of that guy walking over water :lolsign: If so: "Now we got to work on your people skills."
  7. thanx too :thumbsup2: , but unfortunetly they are little dark.
  8. In the 4th episod of the first season Will sneaks in at 3 am in the morning. Grandma Hattie is playing carts in the kitchen, but she knows Will is sneaking in and says "Momma knows", afterwards they play carts together and Will wants to know more about uncle phil's childhood.
  9. Susan and Andy Borowitz said on the DVD that in real life Alfonso is the best dancer, because he learned it. So it must be hard for him to dance so strange. :haha: But for me, Carlton is still the best dancer. But I also like the scene where Will dances with Ashley in the opening scene of one episode. :woot:
  10. lol do you really need to ask?! :shakehead: ← Yeah, I'm with you Fresh Princess, the nick willsmithlover tells everything :haha:
  11. I just watched the episode yesterday again. It is really great!!! And Carlton can sing. as far as I remember he has been on broadway in musicals, hasn't he? Welcome 2 the board Kidman! :wave:
  12. I also bought it one week ago, I'm just on disk 2, but I watch every episod like 2 or 3 times, in German and in English There are 6 seasons: Season 1 (1990-91) Season 2 (1991-92) Season 3 (1992-93) Season 4 (1993-94) Season 5 (1994-95) Season 6 (1995-96)
  13. Yeah thanx Tim, gonna read it later! :thumbsup2:
  14. I, Robot too! "Why exactly are we here?"
  15. I also think he will win something... When is the show on in the US again? I know that it will be on air June 16th on MTV Germany. But I'm pretty sure that the show itself is earlier.
  16. Strange that there are so many Italian dubbers for Will and not just one. People can't get used to one voice. I'm glad we have just one dubber and I actually like his voice and it is not too different to Wills - if you can compare a German and English voice :haha: Will said once though that his German voice sounds very deep.
  17. Universal Music, the German record company of Will, send me a poster that probably hung up in stores. They really did print different posters all over the world. That's cool. Here is a pic of it:
  18. What's the problem? I mean, what happens, nothing, a warning, a shutdown, a meltdown..!? :hmm:
  19. Nice algebra on the wall Jonny :lolsign:
  20. Scary Story !!! :2thumbs: I'm totally into this voicemade bass! Boum, boom-boum, boom-boum... :lolsign:
  21. That's SDOS too, am I right? "It takes a disfunctional mother****er to bust somebody in the head like that!"
  22. I think his mouth looks kind of strange
  23. wow, looks like the poll-results are very close :kekeke:
  24. do u just open some dictionary man :kekeke: Nope, it's a line from "Brand New Funk" on the "He's the DJ, I'm the rapper"-LP! :thumb:
  25. Yeah, Lost and found would be great in fall but also got the quality to become a hit right now. :wiggle: Party starter is dope but Lost and found is what the Hip-Hop world out there has got to listen to! :chuks:
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