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  1. :hilarious: :hilarious: Tim, it's not for u... "jazzy julie e bellisomo.." :lolbonk:
  2. Look at will in the third picture.......... AHAHAHAHAH :hilarious: :hilarious:
  3. This board has so many talented men!!!
  4. Man It's good for real... I image me in a car in beverly hills... Good vibe... I hope to give you some beats as soon as possible :bang:
  5. I hope one day i'll be a potna... I'm the only Italian member on this board n I'd be very proud :bowdown:
  6. :scared2: :scared2: JAZZYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! :scared2:
  7. I hope the album come out as soon as possible, so I hope in Jannuary. But it's true we don't listen to switch yet... lack of promotion could be bad for will, just thinkin abuot born to reign. So I have to say March, cuz will need a great promotion and tour for his ( and ours....) next fantastic step in the hip hop world!!
  8. Sean Paul - Punkie ( Espanol)... I love this song :kekeke:
  9. Aj isn't normal... but he's a music lover for real! I don't have so many cd's but... Jamiroquai - Emergency on planet earth Jamiroquai - The return of the space cowboy Jamiroquai - Travelling without moving Jamiroquai - Sinkronized Jamiroquai - A funk Odyssey Madonna - The immaculate colloction Madonna - Ray of light Limp Bizkit - Chocolate starfish and the hot dog ....... Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the Way Red Hot Chili Peppers - One hot minute Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood sugar sex magic Robbie Williams - Escapology Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits Craig David - Born to do it Craig David - Slicker than your average Jay-Z - The blueprint Jay-Z - The black album Evanescence - Fallen J.Lo - This is me.....then Green day - Warning Green day - American Idiot Shaggy - Pure Pleasure Shaggy - Boombastik :thumb: Shaggy - Midnight Lover Shaggy - Hot Shot Shaggy - Lucky day Nelly - Nellyville ( please don't hate me... it was a present) WILL SMITH - Big Willie Style WILL SMITH - Wilennium :rock: WILL SMITH- Born to reign WILL SMITH - Greatet hits JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE - He's the dj, I'm the rapper JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE - And in this corner :hilarious: JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE - Homebase JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE - Code Red :rock: JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE - Greatest Hits JAZZY JEFF - The Magnificent :dj: LL Cool J - Goat LL Cool J - Phenomenon LL Cool J - 10 LL Cool J - The Definition LL Cool J - All World NAS - Illmatic Kanye West - The college dropout Justin Timberlake - Justified Usher - Confessions R.Kelly - R TLC - 3D TLC - Greatest hits :rock: :rock: and I have a lot of italian stuff, but probably you don't like.. :sad6:
  10. LL Cool J - I can't live without my radio :dance:
  11. Can somebody tell me who discovered the supreme jill scott?... Last week I read my favourite hip hop magazine in Italy, and in her album's review it was writen she was discovered by roots! I don't know...... :dunno:
  12. Men, I hope will's new album will come out as sooner as possible... I can't Wait, I need new stuff!! I think it's cool he's having so many collaborations and featurings 4 the new album.. do you remember Willennium?... Many featurings, and it was a masterpiece.. I think this album will be fantastic :thumb:
  13. I love his clothes in so fresh... Very Hip HOP!! :sonny: And in gettinjiggy he was really cool... I'd like to see him in one of these ways
  14. i'd like a video for I'm all that... that song is amazin :scared2:
  15. Yes, just kickin it is underrated! Fp's flow in this track is fantastic. But I think every track of code red is underrated. One of the best hip hop albums of all times, unkonwn for many people.. what a pity :sad6:
  16. OUTKAST - ROSES......I love that :bowdown:
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