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  1. City Pages Jazzy Jeff is coming to my backyard. I live in Minnesota. But I can't go see The Magnificent preform live! You have to be atleast 18yrs old and a woman. I heard it is a hunting retreat for women cause all the guys are going hunting. Which means I can't go cause I ain't 18yrs old and I'm not female. Jazzy Jeff is going to be tearing it up there, and I can't go. I just found out bout this. I thought all you girls in minnesota would like to know bout this. I wish I could see Jazz live!!!
  2. Right now I want to keep Gordon. Thanks for the offer though.
  3. Same here. That song is one of my favorite songs of all time too. I like everything bout So Fresh. The beat is AWESOME, and all the ryhmes are great. It takes you back to the old skool, like willjadafan was sayin.
  4. Very nice dude, thats awesome. Let me know if you would ever want to trade Garnett for Tmac.
  5. I like my team. I have Tmac, Dwyane Wade, Ben Gordon, Grant Hill, Rafer Alston, Tony Parker and Hinrich. I am just wondering what everyones team names are. Mine is And1.
  6. I was in the game before publishing was an issue Your platinum now, but next year I'm gonna miss you Oh don't see my name You don't see my spot Heres a hint Look closer to the top
  7. hahaha yeah I remeber that. Another error on the show is having Jazz in the theme song playing basketball with Fresh Prince in Philly, but then introducing him as a new character that Will just met for the first time in Bel Air in the 2nd episode. hahaha Thats kinda funny cause in one episode Jazz and Will are having an arguement like this: Jazz- I don't know what you guys do in philly, but in LA, we don't give stuff like that away FP- I don't know what you guys do in LA, but in Philly, we don't steal another man's woman. Jazz- I don't know what you guys do in philly, but in LA, we stand up for what is ours. FP- I don't know what you guys do in LA, but in philly, we get our nose punched in for doin that. Jazz- I don't know what you guys do in philly, but in LA, we are willing to take that risk! The funny part is in the theme song, FP and Jazz are in Philly playin ball together. :rofl:
  8. This isn't an error but in season 1, the episode when Will and Carlton have a competion to get dates for Hilary's halloween party part 2 (it is a 2 episode show), Will starts to tell a story to a girl (to impress her and get her to date him). The story shows will knowing all these celebrities like Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo in the cosby show), Quincy Jones, and other celebrities. On the season 1 dvd they show will introducing Quincy Jones to a singer he needs, and another dude. They start crying and singing "Coombyya my Lord, Coombyyya." But on the tv episode Fat Joe(? correct me if I am wrong cause I think that was his name) comes in and says "Yo Yo Yo Will Smith mann." hahaha I noticed they took the part out with will singing and changed it because I thought that was hilarious when Fat Joe said that. I hope I explained the switching of parts well enough for ya'll to understand. But it is true they did change that episode.
  9. Hilary- wow, I wonder what it would be like to be a Lady. Being waited on hand and foot, shopping with all your friends, sitting around just doing nothing all the time. G- (as he is pouring tea into hilary's cup) One can only imagine. hahahahaha
  10. hahha I just saw this post now. I was like " Dang I missed the draft, so I won't be in a fantasy league." hahaha I am sure glad it is on monday!!! Ok I live in Minnesota and I heard Pacific Standard time is 2 hours behind Minnesota. So the draft for me is 4:15 pm my time right? I just signed up as Team And1. Thanks for running this league dude. It will be alot a fun. :wickedwisdom: Also I am gonna pre rank my players too just to let ya'll know (cause I don't think my comp meets the requirements to do a live draft). Good luck everyone.
  11. Aunt viv- He is on thin ice (referring to uncle phil) G- I will alert the fish
  12. Thanks Jazzy Julie. I knew Jeff did alot of work and had tons of fresh scratches on Willenium. I hope they put a JJFP album out in the next 1-2 years.
  13. lol they never broke up, as Tim said it seems AJ has lost his mind. :lolsign: I know they never broke up but why did they stop making JJFP records? Was FP too busy with movies and FP of Bel Air? Or did they just decide to do some solo work? Maybe Jazz was a lil busy with ATOJ. Can ya'll set me with some straight answers? thanks
  14. Dude, you just made me feel a lil sad. I can't believe FP is gonna be out of the rap game soon. I was really hoping for him and Jazzy to go ol skool and make a JJFP record in a few years. I still believe FP will make some more records. He wants to rap too. I personally don't think of him as the adult who dresses like he did in hitch. I think of will like he dressed in the old Fresh Prince of Bel Air shows, funky and fresh. I just got into FP's music this year, but I don't even like any other rappers then him. So for me to hear his career is coming to an end makes me feel like wow already? Will sounded fresh in willenium and lost 'n found was a tight album. I personally don't care what the rest of the world thinks of Big Will. Who cares if his records are hot? Does it really matter that other rappers diss him and he dosen't get the respect he deserves? I feel like all those people are just missing out on a lyerical myerical haha. Plus isn't the record lost 'n found meant to be his coming back into the rap game? Just because his records aren't sellin the best dosen't mean he won't be around awhile. I will always be a FP fan and will always enjoy his rap. If FP leaves the rap game for good, alteast we all have his def records to listen to.
  15. I guess I will join too. Are we gonna have a draft or something? Thanks dude
  16. G is wearing like a suit with a vest underneath on his B-Day episode Will- G you got to dress funky G- (G pulls the little hankercheif up from the pocket on his suit jacket) There, pure unadulterated funk haha Then Will is showing him how to dance (We all know Will's funky fresh dance moves) to Will's boom box. Will- (after he gets done danceing) Now you try G- I would but to my best knowledge, hell hasn't frozen over yet.
  17. hahah me too. :rofl: Thats hilarious that they are mocking themselves and eminem. I agree, Will and Eminem are probably laughing.
  18. Willenium is one of my favorite albums, maybe cause its one of the first I got. I love listeing to Jazzy scratch *FRESH*, haha its tight. There is alot of funky scratches in So Fresh, and Pump Me Up :jazzy:. Potnas is also a GREAT record. Those 3 tracks alone make buying the album definitely worth it. I also like Will 2 K, The Rain, I'm Coming, and Freakin It. Willenium is a fresh album, and to think it was already recorded 6 years ago is crazy.
  19. Uncle Phil- Out of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is my favorite. You have ham, yam, mash patatoes and gravy, (ect., ect.) and the Big Ol Butter Ball (looking at the turkey). G- Well you are what you eat Sir Uncle Phil- Are you calling me a big ol butter ball? G- Nothing gets past you Sir
  20. K-Mart is good, but not an all-star player. There is alot of better PFs out there, like Jermaine O'Neal, Amare Stoudemire, Dirk Nowitzki ect. I know K-Mart isn't on the best team, and going against "easy" competion, but that dosen't mean he can't put up 20 ppg 10 rpg. He is capable. In other NBA news, Rafer "Skip 2 My Lou" Alston got traded to the Rockets. Skip is a very good, quick point guard who needs some more playing time. I hope he gets some so he can TEAR it up in Houston.
  21. Did you say that to him in person or online? Wow if you know JJ thats pretty amazing!! I would love to meet Jazz. Either way thats cool you told him that.
  22. The door bell rings. Everyone stops what they are doing and looks at G. G- Oh please, let me get it!!!! Will- How mad is uncle phil at us? G- Well you know the pie left over from last night? Will- Its all gone? G- No, its still there!!!!!!!! They all gasp. :rofl: Uncle phil- Geffory can you please dispose of this trash (looking at Jazz) G- Right away sir! G Throws him out the door while Jazz yells haha G and Jazz are now back inside. G- Sorry about that, it was strictly buisness. Jazz- Its alright hahaha
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