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  1. I'd prefere if yall would just call me mark! thanks!
  2. It never came out!And it never will!Here's hopeing "Tell Me Why" will come out!
  3. I'm shure you would like the album!It's pretty commercial!!!
  4. Stevie Wonder:A Time 2 Love(The 2 CD Set) (Used)$8.99 Limp Bizkit:Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water(Used)$4.99 Ghost Dog Way Of The Samuari Soundtrack(New)$11.98 Miles Davis:Ken Burns JAZZ(Used But it was amazing still in the origionl package sealed though!)$8.99 RUN-DMC:Greatest Hits 1983-1991 (Used)$9.99 Micheal Jackson:Invincible(Used)$2.99 LL Cool J:10 (Used) $4.99 DMC:Checks,Thugs And Rock N Roll(New)$13.48 LL Cool J:14 Shots To The Dome (MOJO Magazine CD) Hail To The King Exclusive 15 Track ALL-Star Tribute #5 LL Cool J: Momma Said Knock You Out Ridden Magazine CD (Reggae*Dancehall*Tunes*Culture) CD #03 (New)$4.99 brb i'll finish the the in a minute
  5. And can you guys name some good songs featureing fatman scoop (and what cd the track is on)!
  6. Happy Birthday :sipread: :wickedwisdom: :lolsign: Can i go back to drinking my coffee now? :sipread: :lolsign:
  7. WELL IN THAT CASE I'D STILL RATHER SEE A NEW ALBUM The only way i would buy this if had at least 5 new or remixed tracks!
  8. The album version is boreing...I might buy the single version of party starter!
  9. Happy Birthday :sipread: :rockon: :2thumbs:
  10. Milking The Mighty Doller! Why not just a new album?
  11. Interesting!But don't you have to be jewish for this?I'm muslim and i might try my luck! ^By markwinfield1 I think it sucks that he got his flight got funked up!
  12. If he can do pass do that!He'll be legendary! Dammit!I forgot to click that remember me!
  13. I've had thoughts maybe this is more of a tome cruise like movie role!
  14. Somebody already asked this question? ***Goes back to the drawing board and maps out another question*** I wanna see will when he's 60 years old rappin with Jazz! I might have to sell him my slog King Of Bel-Air!
  16. More like oil! But i do like the army!I'm just a nonviolent person though!
  17. ^You have to wait for chapter 2 I have something in mind i'll post later...
  18. Long but lovely! Funny the movie Ask The Dust comes to mind!
  19. Couldn't Will GO Koch or Indy and pay for his producers,Advertiseing & ect! Just basically pull a Ice Cube move!
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