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  1. Sorry for long tittle! Thanks for the help :2thumbs: Or could you tell what CD's,The songs in the trailer are featured on.
  2. ME YES :2thumbs: ! The only thing i didn't like was timbaland all over the album and only 11 tracks but Quality>>>Quanity And i wanna see someone put Party Starter over the track 11 beat!
  3. Yeah i kinda got my style from lloyd banks/The Game...Just needed to say that!I'll respond once i get a good freestyle ready j-o-e!
  4. It's gameover/Not takevover/Pop off rhymes like i pop open a soda/Check my quota/I'm flooden like noah/ I devour the garbage/These poets is sour/Welcome to the 360/Dudes barely eatin/Welcome to 1950/And welcome back to the 360/I pick em nifty/Welcome to 1945/The nazi's killing them swiftly/Life can be ****ty/Call me me the bluedevil/Just know i'll come for you soon/So rename me the rebel/I settle for nothing/I guess this is another Great Depession/Times are tough/I tell the kids they don't need to see this/Close the blinds/I tell the internet thugs/Whats yours is mines/Call me the reeper/I contact b4 i come on your beeper/My work is dangerous/so i wear steel toed boots/ I hope this is any good! P.S. don't take this rhymes seriously...
  5. I went to 4 stores doing some cd shopping and didn't see this 1... CC,Morning Glory Music,Just Play Music,Werehouse Music...Funny thing is is that i bought 37-40 cd's hahaha...Anyway they should've did this album like they did Nas's Illmatic #10 Anniversary! Ohyeah!This CD isn't on amazon...
  6. I believe the only reason real music doesn't sell is because most casual listeners only know about big releases or heavily promated albums.Most casual listeners don't evan know who the roots are(some maybe)...
  7. In 10-20 years there will won't be many good artists like the roots,2pac,wu tangclan!Artists like these are a dyeing breed...
  8. Dammit i was hoping that album would be dropping between Mid June-Late July!!!
  9. Like i said Lil Wayne>>>LL(Currently) That comment would've meant something between&before The Block Is Hot-Lights Out... Evan when Lil Wayne retires he won't be better than LL!But since "Shut Em Don"LL's flow ain't been the same!
  10. Then i guess i was wrong to say what i said(That comment,i was being sarcastic)But i didn't look at it the way you put it...
  11. Dre dropped 3 i think...Timberland&Magoo also dropped 3 i think... He should have at least 3-4 solo albums out...It's already 2006...
  12. I was thinking that kinda before i posted this... Reggae+Hip-Hop=Reggaeton
  13. Your a bigger idiot! Lol,At thinking think LL is currently better than Lil Wayne... Bigted,You lost all your credibility in that last thread...
  14. The best of both worlds The Nerd/The Backpacker
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