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  1. The King Of Bel-Air/ Feel it in the air/ I spark the flair they scatter like rats/ I'ma CEO no time for chatter/ I cook em like fries/ i Color em like like hair dye/ I just wrote this so... Oops wrong forum! Will Smith says SWITCH!
  2. I'm pretty interested in his solo work any 2nd opinions? And whats his MySpace web adress?
  3. Noone has the right to take another mans life!
  4. I hope its good or i'll toss that cd out of a window! kidden!I just hope its good though...
  5. Ok i congradulated him on a successful career!I said god bless& god loves.Then i asked will any of your sons be getting into rapping or acting! I hope he likes my slogan King Of Bel-Air (Just joking i didn't ask...)
  6. At allhiphop.com they said the album was terrible...
  7. hey Will Smith Can you transfer $1 million to my bank account? Dear Will Smith Why do rich peaple need to spend $10,000 on a suit and ect and why not help the less fortunate? I wonder what he would say?
  8. I'm not to fond of sisqo...Dude is a _______________ ...I like the wild wild west song,return of dragon.Besides were has sqisqo been lately? Will should work with usher though!
  9. I wouldn't min.But will smith's style has changed drastically from when he 1rst started.Most current commercial Hip-Hop fans probaly wouldn't dig it.I asked my friend yesterday,Whens the last time you listened to will smith?,And he said summertime...Anyways i like will better as a solo artist!
  10. I want will smith to drop another couple cd's along with a jazyjeff&fresh prince album!I just feel he has alott of potentional left!
  11. Will should go what cube did and independent (sorry if misspelled)...Otherwise good video!!!
  12. I'm trying to get away from mainstream i've been checking out newcleus,whitelion,winger any genre
  13. I'll go with Big Will many peaple respected Will Smith more after lost and found!And i doubt that he would have accomplished as much if he would've stayed the fresh prince!Imagine The Fresh Prince as Ali :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  14. Born To Reign is a very underrated! I think its tied with Willenium which is more funkier/groovier(i can't think of a word to describe the album).While Lost and Found is more Hip Hop/Personal.I mean when i 1rst got the album in 02 i thought the album was trash.But now that i've come back and listened to the album and after listening to tracks 8,9,10,11 could've made very good single material :2thumbs: .He should've left that Black Suits Comin on a MIB2 Soundtrack :lolsign: ! But Maybe i'm reachin :hmm: ...So whats you guys opinion p.s. Will Smith needs Tra Knox and they need him!I just think they go with will smith's style and they add more soul! Thats all i'm saying!
  15. hahahaha :lolsign: ***starts chokeing on food***
  16. G-Unot... That would be on point... I would stop listening to will he worked with them...
  17. If it was meant to be a JJ/FP Album>>>Their previous work And i'll be special ordering these rate em 1/10 Willenium,Born To Reighn,Lost+Found,Music(Eric Sermon),Loyal 2 The Game(2Pac)<-- I HATE HOW 2PAC SHOUTS G-UNIT,SHADY,AFTERMATH ALL OVER THE CD...
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