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  1. But i never said i hated him!Go read my 2nd reply to this thread that'll answer your question
  2. Any nike basketball shoes will do! There all the same with different looks!
  3. I wasn't judgeing will's music!I was judgeing his his actions!
  4. ^ What she said!But The Game killed G-unit by himself.That automatically takes 50 off the list
  5. I don't think anyone on this site! Could outdo 300 bars!
  6. I just bought Godzilla 2000,Enter The Matrix Sountracks i guess this a start... :hmm:
  7. Will smith has to wear a multi thousand doller suit he goes :1-eek: (That tells allott about the life he lives :hmm: )!70% of most of he cd's besides lost and found are about bragging... I'm not saying this is bad!I'm just pointing these things out! Luda also has to make a liveing.If he stopped doing what he's doing he'd have no fans...Go read the bible then try to tell me views are wrong!
  8. Like i was saying...Will smith is no better than any other rapper in the game.He made a song "tell me why" asking about all of these problems in the world!When Katrina hit he donated his MIB suit...Theres thousands of peaple starveing in BIG cities in america and across the world.And that Charity stuff he does is a tax write off.And will is this multi millionaire.Personally the dude is cheap.I respect his music&actin skills and i'll leave this topic alone
  9. Will is getting old& gray!I hope he doesn't loose that swagger he just found
  10. Last night listened to: Marques Houston MH &Craig David Born To Do It This morning: Will Smith Big Willie Style (I need something to cure my depression)
  11. Will smiths looks loony in your avater lol...
  12. 20# Century Masters The Millenium Collection The Very Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers $9.99(new) Craig David Born To Do It $4.99(Used) (Reccomended) Westside Connection Terrorist Threats $6.99(Used) Marques Houston MH $2.99(Used) LL Cool J G.OA.T. $6.99(Used) I almost bought his new album but my friends at the store started dissing the album talking about how terrible it was.And they said i should stick to his old school stuff!I'll buy it when i find it used though for shure!!! Will Smith Big Willie Style $7.99(Used)I finally have all of will's solo albums + Hombase...Now i gotta get all of freshprince&jazzyjeffs work.And jazzyjeffs solo's&mixtapes! :dj: Master P MP Da Last Don $6.99(Used) He should've retired after this... :hmm: Ice Cube Greatest Hits $13.98(New) This will hold till i get all of his work!
  13. Since Big Willie Style!I'm just now getting more into his old school music...
  14. Can i get a sig with the covers of Big Willie Style,Willenium,Born To Reign,Lost and Found in this order thanks!
  15. War is sin!Besides i wouldn't serve in bush's army... my 2cents
  16. Personally i gotta say no! I think nick cannon would have have a better chance topping summertime...Before will smith has another hit as big as summertime! ^Don't take the wrong way!
  17. Will Smith will never have another hit as big as summertime! I love will smith but i'm shure evan he could agree on that!
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