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  1. I've always been curios of will and all about in terms of beliefs... but i can't join this cult...SORRY!!!
  2. Heres 1 Rappers cooking up these flops/ Like fly they slowly start to drop yo/ Like Kanye i get on the micthe just go go go/ Don't play snow yo its kinda cold yo/ Don't think to hard your brain gonna start to mold yo/ Shut your mouth and just flow yo/ Don't take to long to long thinking you need to watch your hoe yo/ Man i'm sorry for this major blow yo/ Sorry for taking 2 days to respond yo but i was stackin dough/ Like the energizer bunny i'm i keep coming&coming/ I have these vets like damn he gonna bust out with something big yo/ Mic check/ Mic wreck/ My rhymes all upper deck yo/ I was lookin at your rhymes and i was like what the hell was that/ Don't evan think about stepin up to bat yo/ I'll make to tap on the mat yo/ Theres a small freestyle it took me a minute tommorrow i'll have another freestyle
  3. I'm not much of a battle rapper but i'll respond soon!
  4. These cats speaking they mind/ Thats ok,This rap game is soon to be mine/ I'll meet you at your your favorite spot we can wine&dine/ Your welcome any time you ready/ Make shure you go see nurse betty/ I'm getting better this stuff just takes time/ Always at war but i leave no real MC's behind/ Now is not the time die/ Dudes dropping off they garbage/ I'm somewere hideing be ready for my carnage/ Careless peaple they'll leave you to die/ They'll sit on they azz and ask why/ Peaple that have never done anything meaningful or deserving they want a piece of the pie/ Not a hot 16/ But always i'm always need of a $1.15/ I'm solo i can't afford be dragged behind by a team/ I got no time for BS/ I got no need for the stress/ I save my stress for the best/ Wear a vest/ I don't F-up your chest/ Its short but i hope better than my last two
  5. What would will do to help america.Just curious besides lower gas...
  6. i meant that there was more to i just stopped with what i had next time i'll say keystyle p.s. i new to writeing rhymes,keystyles,freestyles
  7. Yall told me don't give anyways i hope this 1 is better and its way personal&serious but if its no good let me know i'll head back to the drawing board... Inspired by:sunN.Y./Soul Of A Hustler Hot rhymes/Bad times/Dudes like close them blinds yo its hot outside/1 day i woke up homeless/No more meat on my bone/Lonely nights/Nothing lite about my life/The streets made me a man/I asked a dude for help he told me to get my azz up& to get a job/I tried to explain to this this dude i was disabled/But his ears was enabled/I look back on my life a failure of course/I remember back in a certain period of my life cats said i had no flow/Daily reminding myself i don't wanna end like these lost souls/Night&day peaple come and go/Man this life is a trap Its short but i hope i improved... i might add more later i can tell by rereading its not better than my 1rst freestyle
  8. Why would will want to run for president? :thatspdiddybad: if he were a replubic he wouldn't get my vote or support :shrug:
  9. Was ihe trying to make a classic a comeback or_______?Anyways the the made me look at will in a completly different way. He should name his next CD The King Of Bel-Air lol i had this idea for awhile now and it should be a reunion with DJ Jazzy Jeff and it should be like Lost+Found plus his older stuff anyways...
  10. Are you singing or spitting??? :ponder:
  11. Think of this as if eminem,jadakiss or LL were spitting these to the i shot ya beat i had some other stuff to go to this but it would sound better heard than written anyways if i'm no good i'll just give up on the whole rhymeing thing...
  12. This is my freestyle i ever wrote so if i suck please tell me Man on fire/K!ller for hire/No need for big words I do allotta damage in small doses/So its time to retire /I''ll meet you on any block/I'll have you rappin through wire/Always on the run but always available for rehire/Never a lyer/Change you life i'll have you singin in the quir(not shure if i spelled that right)/Now days the the block is allott quieter/I'm not a legend yet just a myth so far/Lyrics heavy&swift always be ready for a twist/You can call me the scarlett witch/Make you flop like Loon(From Badboy)/In&Out like a typhoon/I'm diagnosed as very ILL/Luckily i ain't gotta drivers license/Raw power like byson(from street fighter)/I should move to Brooklyn become crooklyn/Halfways are always cookin/I gotta keep my head up you never know who's lookin/I'll leave the CNN News Cast shooken/I'll eat your whole dinner table and walk away with a hunger for more/The Preists say i'm i'm hellbound/I'ma registered Hellhound/I'l come back&rebound/I'll go for another 12 rounds/Stand my ground maybe tis time god will let me in heaven/But i'm toolate i already k!lled the revrend/Betrayed my brethren/If i don't and i come back k!ll me before i turn seven/11PM is playtime i'm robbin the nearest ATM machine/The things i do is a tragic/And on sept 11 i'm dropping bombs/Halloween i'm wreaking havoc/Man i wish i knew black magic/Man this lifeof crime is a habit/Whatever though i should be battleing eminem Who's next??? So am i good or___________
  13. Thats why i wasn't makeing a big deal about this post but thanks for actually letting me know what he meant...
  14. Tie He shouldh've added this version to the album!!!
  15. Common/Be Ruff Ryders/Redemption Vol.4 NU Jerzey Devil& DJ Skee Presents:Game/You Know What This Is Vol.3 John Legend Mos Def&Talib Kweli/Black Star Will Smith/Lost+Found
  16. Song: Ms. Holy Roller Verse:These bums cut me to pieces Not that i'm makeing a big deal but that line makes homless/poor look bad.And peaple have told me he donates to the poor.Then he drops a line like this :thumbsdown: :shakehead: :mad:
  17. Got bored anyways Sisqo:Whats up with the hair :confused3: Dennis Rodman:Whats with the wedding dress :slap: Chingy:Whats with that pic on allhiphop.com danceing with crossdressers :confused3:
  18. i acidentally pmed you my reply i'm tired as_____!Anyways can you post what i acidentally pmed ya thanks anyways don't take that pm the wrong way :thumb:
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