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  1. You don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever put a woman's age out there in the open. Boy, what's wrong with you? Cookies is 19, leave it at that! -Max
  2. I will!Then I'll post my opinions here sometime tommorrow!
  3. It's worth a look! Post opinions here!And be shure to read the editorial review. I just got the album and i' scared to listen to it...
  4. I barely got Code Red!I got got lucky and found it used for $4.99!!!
  5. Well i see my age on there i don't see why you don't...
  6. Don't call me honey i'm not gay... And you obviously think i'ma kid read my profile i'm almost 22... Ok i'm done for now...(if your done argueing...)
  7. I already admitted that i was wrong!So what more do you want me to say?
  8. yeah, Will played all those instruments by himself while rapping his weak rhymes right? thanx 4 clarifying. well that would explain your ignorance. you might wanna try listening to all the stuff before you say someones rhymes are wack. hell, even if you have only heard 2 albums you still cant say his rhymes are wack. bottom line, nobody is gonna be upset if you leave. like AJ said, you are on your last leg, just go away mark And i never said his rhymes were wack!I said he wasn't the best best rhymer in the world!But he 's more diverse,and has swagga and more originality than most!In my book he's a top 15 rapper!I've have all of his solo albums!Not just 2...
  9. oops! THANKS FOR REMINDING ME! mark's got some special problems, we all have to deal with them too so don't feel bad If my posts are so stupid!Then why bother posting in them :hmm: ?Don't use the excuse anybody can post whereever...
  10. I could care less if i was off(for what though?).But how is my post wrong?I was just respecting the man's private life!
  11. I like it it's hot/original/different but i prefere the remixes i like all the versions though!
  12. Well then i'm wrong! But your right twista isn't diverse like will!I used musician because i was thinking of B2R (alotta rock and roll elements)!And and i really haven't heard wills smiths jazzyjeff and fresh prince's stuff outside of Homebase(besides their hit singles)!
  13. Hmm peaple say i look like a young tiger woods...God i hate the comparision!Lol, I'm scared of who that that site will say i look like...
  14. Busta,Twista rhymeing>Will's rhymes If i were to get banned for a my comment then it was was never worth registering a account at this anyways! I like will just as much as anybody here but his rhymeing isn't G.O.A.T. MATERIAL!!! You should be banned for saying something like that, Will's a legendary mc, he's much better than Nelly, I agree Nelly should never be on lists like this 'cause he ain't no dope mc... :stickpoke: i agree wit Ted if u're here is cos u are a JJFP/Will Smith fan WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I'M NOT? I think it would be fair to say he's 1 of the best musicians though!
  15. Until you take will and nelly off that list and put more deserving artists on that list i on't vote on that pole! Will is a good musician not a great rhymer!
  16. Maybe he doesn't want anyone in his personal business!
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