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  1. "Should he decide to come back to music, I believe he would eat up more than half of these so-called rappers making money in this day of age." Thought I'd revisit the first Hip-Hop album I ever bought and share my thoughts. Enjoy. http://www.andycarrington.co.uk/willsmithbigwilliestyle
  2. Just finished writing this up. I try and keep up with cinema/Will Smith movies as much as I can, and this was definitely way better than the second MIB flick. "My expectations for this film weren't that high, if I'm honest, and the trailer didn't particularly excite me after that very forgettable and unfunny first sequel from ten years ago. However, with a much better script and, thankfully, no talking dog this time around, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw in Men in Black III." Read on: http://www.andycarrington.co.uk/meninblackiii
  3. I have Willenium and 'Getting Jiggy Wit It' single. That's about it. Anyone have the Lost & Found LP? Was it even pressed to vinyl? Seems pretty rare to me.
  4. Anyone got all Will's LPS/singles on vinyl? Got pictures? I'd love to see if anyone's got the full collection.
  5. Thought I'd take a moment just to announce that DJ Lord of Public Enemy -- the most influencial hip-hop group of all time -- sent me this pic of him with my book with the classic PE logo in the background. Lord also had these kind words to say on Facebook: "(((BOOOM)))...A straightforward damned good read man...Enjoyed it!" Pretty damn impressive, if I do say so myself. Here's a link to the book of mine that he's holding: http://www.andycarrington.co.uk/pakiloversimaf It's my most recent book of poetry, and the main theme here is racism.
  6. Agreed. But, like you say, music is a business. And that's part of the problem, I think.
  7. Good battles, but damn, that host is annoying.
  8. Yeah, the 'Nod Ya Head' remix is a bit better. 'Just the Two of Us' has also been played to death in my house. I'm pretty fed up of hearing it now, to be honest.
  9. O.K., all of us on here have one thing in common: We love Will Smith/JJFP, right? Well, differing slightly from the usual "praiseworthy" posts that we like to make, I thought I'd ask everyone: Which are the songs that you don't really like listening to by the Philly rapper? I mean, these could be songs that you once loved when they were released, but over time they've gotten annoying. Or they could quite simply be songs that "don't do anything for you". I'll begin with a few examples of my own: 'Freakin' it': Yeah, people might argue that Will is a very good "party rapper", and I agree. But 'FI' is has gotten to be incredibly corny in my mind. At the time of its release, it was fashionable for many to hate on Will Smith, and this track just seems like a pretty weak backlash to the "haters" in question. I just don't like it. 'La Fiesta': An obvious experimentation in styles, this is one of the tracks I always skipped on Willenium. Doesn't work for me. 'Willow is a Player': Gotta admit, this is just plain awful by Will's standards. 'Nod Ya Head (Black Suits Comin'): Can't blame Will for wanting to cash in on the first MIB's success, but this is way below par. Don't misinterprete -- I've got mad respect for Will -- and these are just a few examples from his huge catalogue of music that I just don't like. Does anyone else have any examples?
  10. https://twitter.com/#!/carrington_andy
  11. Some fascinating answers from Will. Thanks for sharing. But, jeez, that laughing woman in the crowd is annoying...
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