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  1. I've that pic myself and it is at least 2 years old... another pic:
  2. Of course she still looks good but not as good as in season 5 or 6
  3. First she should lose a little weight, she looked a lil bit fat on the FPOFBA DVD But she does have a great voice and I think she could do some good tracks, with or without Will!
  4. Haven't you seen the pictures from any concerts he's done in the last year, everytime it has been packed out. also in the US? and I mean a real concert, not one with one or two songs...
  5. Do y'all think that Will could sell out concerts? I'm not so sure about it... But I wanna see that performing, too!!
  6. I think Wave Em Off is dope. I don't like the 2 remixes and scary story
  7. Coming to the stage would have been a better #16 instead of one of the 2 remixes. I don't like either of the 2 songs. C2tS becomes better and better the more I'm listening 2 it ps: its true, L & F hasn't been released here in Germany :nono:
  8. Why are 1000 Kisses and Nod Ya Head in that list?? I can live with Miami = #1 :thumb:
  9. I still go with Party Starter, but my 2nd favourtite is the Intro^^
  10. man, I wanna hear those 3 bonus tracks, but where?
  11. Death Spa (1988) Karyn Parsons .... Brooke But I don't know anything about that project
  12. Doesn't Tatyana sing the "men in black" in the chorus after coko's "here come the men in black"?
  13. i agree with this :ditto: anything with Jazzy should be labelled as jazzy jeff and fresh prince.. solo stuff can be Big Will But you can't drop out an album as Will Smith and the next album with JJ & The Fresh Prince. That's confusing. Nobody else does that... Right, but I think FP sounds cooler
  14. hehe, yea, there are some fools out there, but most of the people like the album, I read the topic there, 11 pages, and well almost %80 are giving will mad props. I liked it, and also I liked the %80 procent dissing the other haters, aftermath eminem 50 fans being dissed by the others :kekeke: yep, I also read the topic and its kinda funny one guy: will smith sucks the others say: no, album's cool and so on... LoL
  15. Chelsea will be too string my friend Who's sayin' that I talk about the CL?
  16. I play basketball and my favourite team are the T-Wolves, but they suck this year:( somebody already said it, the German b-ball league sucks so I only watch NBA basketball ps: Bayern 4 Champ :thumb:
  17. I'm sayin RIP and juhu, finally its over
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