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  1. Are there other mixes of Will's chart songs out there?
  2. 4 to 8 is bad BUT Half A Dollar isn't the #1 anymore and The Massacre fell from 6 to 11^^ I hope L&F will at least make the top 10
  3. The old willsmith.de was a fansite and the internet adress was shown in Will's videos here in Germany, so it was kinda official nad the new one is only an artist website of urban
  4. Dallas won in Phoenix and Indiana in Detroit I think the playoffs are beginning now!
  5. Cassell and Spree didn't bring it this year and the won't bring it next season. KG has to get outta there :tear:
  6. First they all have to be healthy Odom, Kobe, Divac They can make the PO's with that team.
  7. and if MTV would make this list there'd be 50 Cent and Em 5 times in it^^
  8. We just have to wait for the conference finals where the Spurs r playing against the Suns and the Heat against the Pistons. I think those games will be a lil bit closer and more competitive
  9. yeah, I thought that 2 Last years playoffs were much much better so far
  10. I'm not listening to Boom! that often but I still like it and I also like WWW;)
  11. yeah, hate it or love it is my favourite song 2 where can y'all see the dreams video?
  12. Mavs moved forward to the next round Steve Nash is the MVP of the season and Miami beat the Wizards easily with 105-86 I hope SA will lose to Seattle tonight!
  13. I 2 have only seen the making of Nod Ya Head But I'd love 2 see making the video of Switch
  14. Tell Me Why is longer than Party Starter... Switch was the best choice 4 the first single cause its a clubbanger, but I don't know what Will should release next. tell me why is IMO not that good Party Starter is another partytrack and the other tracks...no single material except L & F which would be my next single Gettin Jiggy - party track MIB - party track Miami - party track(nobody thinks that that is a tribute to a city in the 1st place) Just the two - serious track But BWS was/is so great that it didn't bother anybody that 3 singles were party tracks
  15. I even saw an advertisement 4 L & F on German TV and not on a music channel Never seen that before :thumb:
  16. 8.5 coz the lyrics are great but I don't feel some beats
  17. BWS coz it includes Miami and Gettin Jiggy Wit It and bcoz I listen to it in my car
  18. yeah, I even think that Carlton's voice fits better than the original one...weird...
  19. JOY GRUTTMANN SCHNAPPI, DAS KLEINE KROKODIL Belgium people r listening 2 that sh*t?? oh my... way to go Will!!!
  20. Does anyone know what's on Will's dogtags? Nice pictures btw
  21. yeah, boyz & girlz, have mercy with us who don't have the uk/japanese what so ever bonus tracks :bowdown:
  22. I like the middle one with Will in front of the skyline the most
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