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  1. The first Will CD(s) were BWS and Willenium which I bought at the same time. A few weeks later I then bought Code Red, He's the DJ and the Greatest Hits CD...
  2. It's good but the both originals r better
  3. http://tvtotal.prosieben.de/show/highlights/03862.html Here's a video of Will and Elton(an intern of the TV Total moderator) it's a little older fast forward it to 1:03
  4. Together of course, but Will's still my favourite
  5. He should do all three things Party songs like Miami, Gettin Jiggy Story telling songs like parents just dont and critical songs like Lost & Found and that in ONE album
  6. I've listened to Coming 2 The Stage 2 times in the last month and zero times to the whole cd Perhaps it all comes back when I see the Party Starter video
  7. These finals are so booooooooooring I watch 'em and I think...wow...is there anything on TV right now?! Normally I favorite a team but I feel nothing during the games I hope neither of the 2 teams will make the finals next season(05/06 or 06/07^^)
  8. oh man, I missed it because I was 2 tired at 3 o'clock in the morning(Germany) and they didn't show it in repeat I just watched :thumbsdown:
  9. Who are the the rappers in the white and red shirt in the base video?
  10. I saw the end of the show in Germany..he performed Summertime I'll watch it again on Sunday!
  11. General G was your favorite character? I think the whole movie would have been the same or better(?) without him^^
  12. yeah, Great-Wade, but Shaq has to STEP UP he's just averaging 18.5 PPG in the CFs, that's not enough 4 a three time Finals MVP!!
  13. Suns lost and are behind 0-2 Pistons lead their series with 1-0 I don't want the Pistons and the Spurs in the finals, that sucks :thumbsdown:
  14. well maybe i'll add a board just for u guys with the old skin that will be continually hacked into and you lose all your posts all the time :sigh: ← Isn't there a possibility to use the old skin on the new board?
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