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  1. ebay.com -> search Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince -> click on albums, check to see which ones r in good condition, or have good prices in case u didnt know ebay is where other users sell their used (and sometimes new) items such as CD's and alot of people will sell their JJFP cd's for real cheap like $1! Of course I know ebay, but I've never seen that someone got a serious article for $1...thats what I meant...
  2. damn, I always forget to log in How can you get Albums 4 $1 or less?
  3. well i go on this website, thinkin nothing and then BUMM, Game's dead... I don't like him but I also don't dislike him, but still he mustn't die, right?! Of course I would be more shocked if Will or J died...man, I don't wanna talk about that...
  4. I got really shocked today when I read on a German rap site that The Game died. I didn't realise that it was April 1st :mad8: April shock of my life^^
  5. Klar über internationale amazons... but not in stores...
  6. Then I don't have either Coming To The Stage or We Won't or perhaps both [ironie on]EXCELLENT I have to download them :thumb: [/ironie off]
  7. Has anyone the whole track list with the bonus tracks of every version of the album?
  8. Why's your original worn out? Why don't you burn it on cd? I also have the same as 10thPrince, but that new one looks nice
  9. One day my friends said that FPOBA and Home Improvement were the best sitcoms shown on (German) TV Then I watched Bel-Air and I thought: what the fu** is that? It was an episode of the first season and I thought that Bel-Air is some kind of royal shi*tness, I can't explain better, sry^^ But then the intro was shown and I realised, hey, thats Will Smith And then the whole JJFP story started. I bought the albums and listened to them all day...
  10. Was everybody as enthusiastic as now, when B2R was released or is it a lil bit different with L & F??
  11. yeah yeah The Rock and Will and..........Stone Cold Steve Austin:)))))) :thumb:
  12. I read somewhere that MIIB made $450 million is that true? and how much money did the other (Will-) films make?
  13. doooooooooope very, very nice :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: I love it to see JJ and Will together making music
  14. I'm comin of course but I also like the intro of BWS
  15. For me BWS is the best album, cause it was my beginning of the Will Smith era:)
  16. yep, I wanted to say that, too Everyone says bi*** and fu**, its not even always a curse...
  17. I don't know much about charts...what's iTunes? But it doesn't matter what charts, Will's just gotta be #1 :thumb:
  18. I've never seen him in action before (only in JJ&FP videos) nice :thumb:
  19. Miami of course and Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty by Nature or I Love The Dough by Biggy
  20. Bushido - Electro Ghetto Kool Savas - Till Ab Joe :clap3:
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