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  1. when you say "just" produce you've got it wrong - the producer has more control over the film than anybody including the director.
  2. the bit with the iPod looks classic
  3. I've discussed this - trivium and bands like it, it's not music just noise and horrible noise at that
  4. Seeing as your going on to LA afterwards this book is appropriate http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title...=91&g=148&pa=sr it doe's really make you think
  5. do you really want a all action no substance film i.e. Bad Boys
  6. A photo I took in the summer high up in the Hollywood hills
  7. "Dana Reeve, actress and widow of Superman actor Christopher Reeve, has died of lung cancer. Reeve, 44, who led the Christopher Reeve Foundation, was diagnosed with the disease in August 2005." http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4782612.stm
  8. I saw them on E also i thought they were enjoying themselves, will was speaking to Will Ferrell for ages even did an interview with him, also he was with ludacris for a bit
  9. Don't forget to ask about a JJFP tour, especially in the UK !!
  10. If anyone speaks to Jeff the question about a JJFP tour needs to be brought up !!
  11. do i need to remind you that she's from liverpool :chuks:
  12. when i went, the line about 100 thousand dollar cars was also true
  13. Get yourself to south beach, that's the main one and also where they did the bit in the miami video where he's walking along the street I would have tried it myself but i didn't have a bentley to get out of !! :paperbag:
  14. Isn't that illegal? :lolsign: wow i didn't know people in america knew who rooney is Actually I don't.. I was laughing at the raPing joke..lol. just like you didn't know what a fry up was !! :yeah:
  15. Isn't that illegal? :lolsign: wow i didn't know people in america knew who rooney is
  16. leeds and manchester are really close, big rivalry with the football teams
  17. grr so far up north, i'm a suthener
  18. as I read that I look out the window, it's rain rain rain :paperbag:
  19. good method. i prefer to steal peoples places when they aren't looking
  20. I only said that november is at the end of the year and who said it was gonna be out in july
  21. ok then i'll add that it was the world premiere which means i was one of the first to see it :wickedwisdom: plus add the meeting will smith without a couple thousand other people stepping on me and trying to knock me out of the way - i'm only small :damnyou:
  22. Oh yeah !!, I remember those days well
  23. Kobe Bryant looked surprised. Allen Iverson, meanwhile, was angry. His facial expression was very similar to the one he wears after being mugged on a drive through the lane and being whistled for an offensive foul. "Shocked? What's the word for beyond shocked? I'm mad," Iverson said after a panel of five former Houston Rockets players - including former Sixer Moses Malone, in a critical role - awarded the NBA All-Star dunk championship to 5-9 New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson instead of Iverson's 76ers teammate, Andre Iguodala, Saturday night at the Toyota Center. "Y'all saw what happened," Iverson continued. "That ain't right." http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/sports/ba...ll/13915667.htm
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